Sterling Silver

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I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for your awesome company and excellent customer service. I loved you before but when you included in my previous order the complimentary polishing cloth and good luck wishes with my photo shoot, my appreciation for you runneth over. —Christa Smith, Newport, WA
I am grateful for the ability to pull up my order and order history via the website; otherwise I would have been going NUTS. Thanks again! —Kristine W, Huntington Beach, CA
Thank you for the great communication and service during the power outage! —Malaika, Z, Vero Beach, FL
Thanks! I feel a bit like I won the lottery. Rolling thunder just wrapped me in its majesty, rain is coming down with a fierce determination and my invoice indicated everything I wanted was available. Life is grand! —Elizabeth, M, Palo Alto, CA
Oh my goodness, I am so glad I found your company online. I've been searching for quality sterling silver charms. I love the items that I received today! —Angie C., Beatrice, NE
I receive your holiday card every year and it is really nice to put faces on names. Thank you for taking care of me and my business this year, and I hope to see more of Nina Designs next year! —Genie L., North Hollywood, CA
I love you guys, and am always so very pleased with my product. I'm hoping next year is even more beautiful than the last! —Michelle B., Calgary, Canada
Thank you so much for offering such beautiful, high-quality items. Your designs are FABULOUS! I'm looking forward to a long business relationship. —Janice T., Azusa, CA
A big thank you from all of us for being so very helpful. I really appreciate the great customer service. —Barbara L., Torrance, CA
I think you did a beautiful job on your 14 karat solid gold charms. Take care and thanks for the great products. —Teri Lee., Encino, CA