K253ID · Idocrase Gemstone Beads

Retail price: $100.95/strand

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Style: K253ID
Measurements (mm): Length: 8  Width: 5  Height: 3.5  (show inches)
Description: Idocrase Gemstone Beads. 8 x 5 mm to 11 x 8 mm, Faceted, Pear Shaped Briolette. 8" strand, briolettes slightly graduated in size. Featured in Beadstyle, May 2011.

Idocrase, also known as Vesuvianite, is a fascinating gemstone first found on the volcano, Mt Vesuvius. Because it is formed in areas of high pressure and heat in contact with limestone, you get these beautiful earthy shades of green that have a mystery about them.

Please note as of 8/5/14, these are being sold as full strands, (8"), instead of half strands as previously sold.

The beads pictured on the top are larger-than-life size to show detail. Those pictured on the strand are true-to-life size. These gemstones are handcut in India. See an explanation of different Gemstone Attributes.

Please note: Gemstones cannot be returned if they are no longer on their original strand.

Gemstones are a natural product, and therefore may have slight variation in size, shape, and color.

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