Ocean Collection

Make a splash with this wonderful collection of starfish earring parts, branching coral pendants, and seahorse charms. Whether you’re a beach bum, love to sail, or simply fell in love with Jacques Cousteau movies, you’ll find a favorite in this collection. No wonder jewelry designers love to design with an ocean theme! Stop by our Earring Findings section and our Silver Clasps to finish your designs.

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  Design on One Side Only. Cast.  Shop our ocean collection.  Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A1031 · Was $6.10, now 25% off: $4.60/pc
Sterling Silver Fish Charm
A sweet, scalloped shell is always a treat to discover as you walk the coastline in search of treasures. Add this lovely charm to your handmade treasures for an ode to the sea! Browse all the silver charms in our Ocean Collection.  Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A1183 · Was $6.40, now 25% off: $4.80/pc
Small Sterling Silver Shell Charm
This slightly shy, somewhat awkward little koi with its fanned tail and big eyes is especially adorable!  Click here to see this charm in larger size.  Find other fish charms, shell charms and more in the Ocean Collection.  Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A973 · Was $6.90, now 25% off: $5.20/pc
Tiny Goldfish Sterling Silver Charm
The languorous movements, frothy and spiraling tentacles, bobbing and parachuting top: the jellyfish. An interesting and wondrous creature, the jellyfish mainly lives in warm seas using the currents and winds for its movement. Though extremely delicate and soft, this creature can be a deadly encounter with its stinging and poisonous tentacle barbs. Using the jelly as an example, we can learn to find the correct fluidity and strength in our own lives. Gentle and supple to life's tumultuous currents, yet electrifying and powerful in times of need. Add this beautifully detailed charm to any collection for daily reminders of the loveliness of life. Or, find other fish, shells and more in the Ocean Collection.  Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin.  Our Thai bronze has an anti-tarnish compound mixed into the metal alloy that will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation. Find more details and care instructions in FAQs. Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
VNA1237 · Was $7.60, now 25% off: $5.70/pc
Natural Bronze Jellyfish Charm
This silver shell charm makes a wonderful addition to our Ocean Collection.  If you love taking long walks on the beach and searching for shells, you'll love to peruse our collection of silver shells.  This magical silver charm would look beautiful decorated with pearls and gemstones. Handmade and cast in Thailand. Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A1181 · Was $8.50, now 25% off: $6.40/pc
Sterling Silver Shell Charm