Ancient Coin Collection

These coin charms are replicas of ancient coins from Greece, Rhodes, China and the Moghul Dynasty. The slightly distressed finish, oxidized patina, and irregular edges add to their rustic appeal. Welcome Pegasus, Athena’s Owl, Zeus’ Eagle, and other powerful symbols of wisdom, imagination, and good health to your jewelry creations.

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 Replica of an ancient Greek coin. A Hamadryad was a nymph of an oak tree. She was very connected to the tree in which she lived, and very powerful if angered. If her tree was hurt, then the forest nymph was hurt. If her tree was cut down, then the forest nymph also died. It was a hamadryad who began the whole story of the Golden Fleece by punishing the son of a man who'd thrown a knife into her tree. Shop all Ancient Coin Charms.  Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued: Limited Quantity Closeout.  Discounted items don't count towards an invoice total discount.
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Sterling Silver Ancient Coin Charm with Forest Nymph