End Caps

Jewelry End Caps are a great way to finish Silk , leather or linen cords. Once you have securely glued the cap to your cord, you are free to choose a Clasp of your choice. If you prefer to avoid glue, we also carry Crimp Clasps in our Hook Clasp category.

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Discontinued:Limited Quantity Closeout.  Discounted items don't count towards invoice total discount. SOLD PER SET. When closed with pliers around cord, tiny teeth inside the "petals" grab the cord for a secure hold that looks great.  Works well on our thin silk cord or silk ribbon.  Also works well with 1 to 2 mm leather cords.   TIP:  When using with silk cord or ribbon, be sure to tie a small knot in the cord, then slip that into the clasp using the tip of your round nose pliers or the end of a paper clip.  Then pinch the "petals" closed upon the knot. Cast in Israel.
QC135 · Was $14.70, now 70% off: $4.50/set
Small Sterling Silver Tulip Hook & Eye Crimp Clasp
 Use with 2mm cord, attach with glue.      Discontinued: Limited Quantity Closeout.  Discounted items do not count towards invoice total discounts. Looks great on our thin silk cord. Securely attach with The Ultimate! Non-Toxic Glue.  Handmade in Bali.
SC327 · Was $20.90, now 70% off: $6.30/set
Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp with End Caps