Go Green Charms

A new, and growing, collection that showcases pieces representing environmentally and globally aware statements. Spread the word with your new bike or globe charm! Find more charms that are bound to catch your eye.

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Because clouds come and go, they've come to represent moods. White cumulus clouds represent cheerfulness and a joyful spirituality,  whereas rain clouds represent a sudden release of tension. Transport your moods with our Celestial collection. Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin. Our Thai bronze has an anti-tarnish compound mixed into the metal alloy that will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation. Find more details and care instructions in bronze FAQs. Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
VNA881 · Was $10.20, now 40% off: $6.20/pc
Natural Bronze Cloud Pendant
A vertically hanging word charm with "change" on both sides.  See all our rectangle word charms on one page and use the  Express Order Form.   Click here to see all word charms, alphabet beads, and letter charms..Cast and hand finished in Thailand.  Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A660 · Was $8.90, now 40% off: $5.40/pc
Change - Sterling Silver Word Tag