Good Luck Collection

There are many different kinds of good luck charms. Did you know that elephants with their trunks in the upright position symbolize good luck throughout Eastern cultures? Or that ladybugs are emblems of good luck in love in many Asian cultures? Whether it’s wishbones or horseshoes, one thing’s for sure. We all want to be lucky!

We offer a wonderful selection of silver chain bracelets for you to start your collection of lucky charms!

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Acorns are a wonderful representation of good luck. Seeing them in your dreams foretells many pleasant things ahead and much success from your labors.  Be sure to browse our Woodlands Collection for similar charms.Our silver plated bronze is 40 micro inches of fine silver plated over bronze with a thin layer of nickel in between to prevent migration of the two metals, resulting in a very reliable product.  Our silver plated bronze is protected with an anti-tarnish finish.  Find more details and care instructions in FAQs. Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued: Limited Quantity Closeout.  Discounted items don't count towards an invoice total discount.
VSA626 · Was $10.40, now 25% off: $7.80/pc
Silver Plated Bronze Acorn Charm