Multi Hole Spacers

At Nina Designs our collection of silver spacer beads includes multi hole spacers in many shapes and sizes. These multi-hole spacer bars are great for multiple strand necklaces or bracelets. Build lush multiple strand masterpieces without worrying about unsightly tangles.

Most of these styles have matching clasps. See Clasps. When used together, the bars and clasps hold strands at pleasing, even intervals. You can create either a cuff or a cascading effect. Draw multiple strands together for a clean finish with these versatile findings. Combine with Clasps to create a sophisticated, finished look. Shop here and begin to build your own multi-strand masterpiece!

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 Formerly style D218. This sweet four petal flower design provides a seamless solution to creating multi-strand necklaces and bracelets.  Browse our selection of multi-strand spacers.  Made in Thailand.Discontinued: Limited Quantity Closeout.  Discounted items don't count towards an invoice total discount.
A990 · Was $10.40, now 60% off: $4.20/pc
Sterling Silver Two Strand Spacer Bead