Spacer Beads from Bali

Silver Spacer Beads make all the difference. They give beaded jewelry the polished, finished look of a professionally designed piece. Use silver spacer beads to ease the transition between earring drop and earring top. They can also provide cohesion on a piece with many different kinds of beads. Finally, spacer beads are perfect for defining space and creating patterns. Shop here and benefit from our wide selection of spacer beads!

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SOLD IN PACKS OF 10. An 8-sided double pyramid perfect for stringing between gems, or slide together to form an elegant streamlined look. Shop our spacer beads.  Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin. It has slightly more copper than our Thai bronze to make it soft enough for handwork.  An anti-tarnish finish added to the surface. This protective layer will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation. Find more details and care instructions in FAQs. Handmade in Bali.Due to the additional labor needed to work in bronze, which is a harder metal than silver, we had a labor price increase on all of our handmade Bali bronze styles. We are selling through our stock purchased at the lower cost before raising prices.
VNMS100 · Was $23.60, now 57% off: $10.20/10 pcs
Natural Bronze Small Majapahit Spacer