Celebrate Spring!

Springtime is upon us, and this specially curated collection is the perfect way to incorporate spring-inspired pieces into your jewelry designs! Enjoy pastel color palettes, flower charms and more to celebrate the season.

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13 mm, Faceted, Flat Nuggets. 15" strand. Horizontal drill.Beautiful sea foam colored nuggets will remind you of the gorgeous waters of the ocean. Add these to your jewelry for an airy or beachy feel. Please note as of 8/5/14, these are being sold as full strands, (15"), instead of half strands as previously sold.The beads pictured on the top are larger-than-life size to show detail.  Those pictured on the strand are true-to-life size. Gemstones are hand-cut in India. See an explanation of different Gemstone Attributes.Please note: Gemstones cannot be returned if they are no longer on their original strand. Gemstones are a natural product, and therefore may have slight variation in size, shape, and color.
K278CG · Was $105.00, now 25% off: $78.75/strand
Sea Foam Chalcedony Gemstone Beads