Steampunk Charms

Steampunk Silver Charms capture the spirit of futuristic technology imagined during the Victorian Era. It gets its name from the idea of life in a world that operates by steam power. Think H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, who wrote about imagined air, space, and underwater travel. In this collection we offer designers a selection of gear silver charms, Victorian key charms, and watch face charms that capture a bit of what Steampunk is all about.

We offer all the silver earring parts, silver chains, and silver clasps to finish your fabulous designs.

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Let this little charm be a reminder to stick to your own path of beliefs and aspirations. The North Star represents "finding your true north." Your personal journey will never be exactly the same as someone else's, so following your said direction will get you to where you are meant to be. The tiny compass detail represents protection, luck, and guidance. Great for a graduate or someone taking on a new adventure! Add more to your collection with other globe trotter charms or pendants.Temporary overstock discounted items don't count towards invoice total discounts. Limited quantity available at overstock sale price, after which price returns to normal. Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Length measure includes 5 mm jump ring.
A1610 · Was $14.30, now 40% off: $8.60/pc
Sterling Silver North Star Compass Charm
With flawless symmetry and curvy lines, this tiny clover cut out will add interest and new shapes to your designs. The open space allows for you to easily hang other dangles and gemstones, or cut off the jump ring and use as a small link in other creative ways.Browse other steampunk charms and pendants. Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Length measure includes 5 mm jump ring. Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A1370 · Was $7.20, now 25% off: $5.40/pc
Small Sterling Silver Inverted Clover Charm
With outstretched wings and a Gothic cutout, this little winged key comes to life to remind us to take flight and unlock opportunities. Wear this piece and be confident in the beauty of life and the power of your decisions. Shop our entire collection of key charms! Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
A1292 · Was $13.30, now 25% off: $10.00/pc
Sterling Silver Winged Key Charm