Feathers and Wings Collection

Feather silver charms lend your creations a feeling of light airiness that is so bohemian and carefree! These wonderful silver charm designs look great on there own strung onto soft silk ribbons or long silver chains. Feather and wing charms also make stunning earrings. Shop here for earring parts.

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Wings symbolize a desire to let your spirit soar, to rise above a challenge and regain your clarity of thought.  With beautiful detailed feathers, this post earring tops make a wonderful base for magical earring designs. A fixed jump ring allows for you to hang whatever beads, gemstones, links, or other charms you'd like. Let your creativity fly!  Find more Wing and Feather charms!Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
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Sterling Silver Wing Post Earring Tops
With outstretched wings and a Gothic cutout, this little winged key comes to life to remind us to take flight and unlock opportunities. Wear this piece and be confident in the beauty of life and the power of your decisions. Shop our entire collection of key charms! Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Discontinued - Limited Stock Availability
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Sterling Silver Winged Key Charm
In many cultures, the beautiful and elegant dragonfly has come to symbolize change and self-realization; a deep maturity and understanding of life. With how lightly and effortlessly the dragonfly moves and accomplishes tasks, we are reminded of attaining goals in life with simplicity and grace. Wear this beautiful wing and remember the life of the dragonfly and how it can teach us to respect our own: live in the moment, tread lightly, and prosper in all things. Be inspired by more of our Wing collection or find more Insects! Cast and hand finished in Thailand.Discontinued: Limited Quantity Closeout.  Discounted items don't count towards an invoice total discount.
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Sterling Silver Dragonfly Wing Pendant