VNS2695 · Natural Bronze Infinity Link

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  • 2 stars

    While these are so delicate and beautiful, my last few batches have been coming in with very stubborn patina spots that I can not remove (especially inside of the loops). I polish all of my bronze pieces with Renaissance wax to prevent Patina from forming, but these are coming to me already spotted. This is a best seller in my shop, and would hate to discontinue it, but may not have a choice. Unfortunately, the vermeil infinity links are too orange for my liking, and do not pair nice with 14/20 gold fill.

    Nina Designs: We are sorry you have rec'd stock that doesn't measure up to standards, and appreciate the feedback. They are handmade, so there will be slight variation from batch to batch. We do our best to quality control all items before we ship them out, but occasionally things slip through the cracks. Please feel free to send them back for either a replacement or refund - there is no time limit on returning defective or flawed items. Thanks for your understanding.

  • 5 stars

    I just wanted to post an update (in regards to the review posted below!). I have no longer been experiencing these issues with the bronze infinity links. They are beautiful, dainty, and one of my favorites - they pair so nicely with gold fill. Thank you so much for your attention and concern to my issue. The team at Nina Designs is always so wonderful :)

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