VNA1411 · Natural Bronze Love Script Infinity Link

Retail price: $11.60/pc

Design Ideas

Style: VNA1411
Measurements (mm): Length: 17  Width: 34  Height: 2  (show inches)
Description: Natural Bronze Love Script Infinity Link. The infinity shape is classic, fluid, and embodies strong symbolism. Infinities represent endless time, and space, and having no boundaries. The flowing script says it all - love and friendship will last forever. Jump rings on both ends allow for this to become an easy and simple necklace or bracelet!

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Height measure includes both 5 mm jump rings.

Our bronze is imported from Italy and is a high quality alloy of copper and tin. Our Thai bronze has an anti-tarnish compound mixed into the metal alloy that will delay but not eliminate eventual oxidation. Find more details and care instructions in FAQs.

Cast and hand finished in Thailand.

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