S2805 · Sterling Silver Serpentine Festoon Pendant

Retail price: $8.30/pc

Design Ideas

Style: S2805
Measurements (mm): Length: 33  Width: 17  Height: 1  (show inches)
Description: Sterling Silver Serpentine Festoon Pendant. Throughout history, the serpent has been a meaningful symbol for many cultures. The Hopi Indians danced the serpent dance to bring about Nature's fertility, Cambodians place serpents as guardians at their doors, and many others use it as a symbol of rebirth and healing.

This design is both powerful and mesmerizing. Recalling the shape and symbolism of the serpent, this festoon coils into lovely linked sections. Use these sections to dangle gems or charms. Or, cut the jumprings and use the entire festoon as its own link. Perfect for many beautiful designs! Discover more interesting links and pendants.

Cast and hand finished in Bali.

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