AC659 · Sterling Silver Tulip Hook & Eye Crimp Clasp, Medium

Retail price: $14.00/set

Design Ideas

Style: AC659
Measurements (mm): Length: 25  Width: 4.5  Height: 4.5  (show inches)
Description: Sterling Silver Tulip Hook & Eye Crimp Clasp, Medium. A lovely, easy-to-use design. Medium Size. SOLD PER SET. When closed with pliers around cord, tiny teeth inside the "petals" grab the cord for a secure hold that looks clean and neat.

TIP: When using with silk cord or ribbon, be sure to tie a small knot in the cord, then slip that into the clasp using the tip of your round nose pliers or the end of a paper clip. Then pinch the "petals" closed upon the knot. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Works great on our Medium Silk Cord and Silk Ribbon. Also works well with 2 to 3 mm leather cords. Width (4.5 mm) is the measurement of the base of the tulip shaped dome. Length (25 mm) is the measurement from end to end (where you would crimp down on material).

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