January 28, 2015

Say It With Jewelry: Find the Perfect Valentine’s Gift!

This year, show that special someone how much you care with personalized Valentine’s jewelry! Whether the apple of your eye likes sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, natural bronze or leather jewelry, we offer the jewelry supplies you need to create a one of a kind Valentine’s Gift!

If you aren’t an expert jewelry designer, have no fear! We have a huge selection of heart charms and finished chain that allow you to make simple yet meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

We also carry a line of Ready to Wear jewelry which includes earrings, adjustable rings, bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets and necklaces. Any of these beautiful designs would make a great Valentine’s gift. Check out our Ready to Wear jewelry and find the perfect design today!

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We are proud to offer a line of Gift items that are both beautifully made and ethically sourced. For years Nina Designs has provided MicroLoans women artisans all around the world. This year we decided to offer handmade gift items from artisans all around the globe. Nina specially curated this collection through her travels in Asia and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our customers. Our line offers beautiful silk scarves, and jewelry displays and boxes. Take a look at this amazing collection of handmade items. Any of these pieces would be a great gift for any jewelry lover. Purchasing these items helps support artists all over the world!

Also, be sure you stop by our Valentines Inspired Finished Jewelry Design Ideas for projects and parts needed to create special Valentine jewelry designs!

No matter your jewelry design skill level, Nina Designs offers great gifts that are ready to ship. We have what you need for a special Valentine’s Day!

January 19, 2015

Launch Your Jewelry Business: Live Webinar with Nina!

Wondering how you can turn all of your fabulous jewelry designs and ideas into an actual business? Look no further, Nina has all of the tips and steps you need to take your love for jewelry to the next level. Follow along during a live web seminar to hear ten tips on how to take the next step in making your jewelry dreams a reality.

Nina has over 30 years of experience in running her own business, and wants to share her tips for success with you! During this web seminar you will learn:

  • If you could and should launch your own jewelry business.
  • A detailed jewelry business plan, from book keeping to pricing, branding and marketing
  • How to have the confidence you need for successfully starting a jewelry business & more!


Sign up here to register for this exciting web seminar hosted by Nina. There will also be a live question and answer period at the end of her presentation, so have questions ready to ask to get an expert’s opinion!

January 14, 2015

How-To Video :: Make a Woven Silk & Chain Necklace

Silk cord and silk ribbon can play many roles when it comes to making jewelry. Pair silk cord in any color you wish with a linked chain of your choosing to create a fun layered necklace design with texture and depth. Create a color palette and design that fits your style with a combination of your favorite tiny charms or dangles and silk ribbon and cord.


The technique in this necklace design is easy to re-create, and the layered and woven look adds colorful details and depth to your jewelry. You can use this fun new and new construction to make a necklace, or a wrap bracelet. Take a peek at a design idea that uses this method to make a wrap bracelet! Find the parts you need to make the necklace shows in the video here.

Shop our wide variety of silk cord, and browse the rainbow of colors to choose from! We offer small dangles, and the other findings you’ll need to create your fun and trendy design. See the parts list for this design here.
What colors would you combine to make this look fit your personal style?

January 8, 2015

Explore the Trend : Scallop and Crescent Jewelry

Give your jewelry collection curves! Scallop and crescent jewelry design is in. Sterling silver and gold vermeil links with scalloped and crescent curves are sure to add a playful and feminine touch to your designs. Make this look frilly and feminine, or modern and minimalist. We carry all of the supplies you need to put this trendy look together. Explore and shop our collection of charms, pendants, and jewelry supplies put together for you to create scallop and crescent inspired jewelry designs.

Have fun mixing and matching colors and metal finishes to fit your style. Embrace the trend by using simple crescent accents or overall shapes in your design, or, make a statement by stacking multiples together to create more curvature and fun patterns. Browse our gallery of scallop-themed jewelry design ideas to gain inspiration and create your own scallop or crescent jewelry looks!

Scallop Jewelry Tips : Make The Look Yours

Embrace Feminine Curves with Scallops & Crescents

Use Dangles & Spikes for Extra Sparkle

Stack Links Vertically & Horizontally to Create Playful Patterns

scallop trend pinterest

Shop our specially curated collection now to find all the pieces you need to make this fun and trendy look yours!

December 24, 2014

DIY Leather Tassels for Jewelry

Leather tassels are colorful and trendy way to add texture to your finished jewelry designs. Leather tassels add a bit of edge and sophistication to any design.

We have a wide selection of leather for jewelry and have used our deer hide leather in a variety of finished jewelry designs. Recently, we tried something new, leather tassels! Making these fun and funky tassels is easy with the help of our free how to video.

tassel blog

To see how to make your very own DIY leather tassels, watch our how to video below.
Shop our leather today, and browse the rainbow of colors to choose from! We offer the leather findings and components you’ll need to create tassels and all sorts of fabulous leather jewelry!Spend some time browsing our leather design ideas for more ways to incorporate leather into your designs.

Will you be adding some colorful tassels to your designs?


December 19, 2014

Micro Loans Change Lives : Support Artisans with Your Purchases

Every time you place an order for beautiful high quality jewelry supplies, something incredible happens; Nina Designs lends money to artisans worldwide. We’ve partnered with Kiva and Novica to supply micro loans to artist all over the globe. Artists who strive to make their skill their livelihood.

Tiraphan Hasub is a jewelry designer who produces beautiful beaded necklaces and earrings. Her designs are bright, colorful and absolutely beautiful.

Tiraphan had this to say about her design process and inspiration: “You could say I’m a fashionista, always trying to look good by wearing nice dresses and jewelry. I believe many women think like me, and that’s what inspired me to create jewelry that is original. My designs tend to be more traditional Thai than modern, so I’m thankful to Novica for showing my collections to the world.”
Stop by Triaphan’s Novica shop and pick up an affordable piece of wearable art!


Maria Uyauri is a Peruvian textile artist who creates charming fabric appliques. The vibrant scenes of life she applies to wall hanging and bags are incredible! She includes scenes from her every day life in her art as well as fantastical ocean and jungle landscapes.

Maria had this to share about her love or textile art: “I love to create. I love to play with the fabrics and colors and I’m always looking for new themes and ideas.”
Spend some time browsing Maria’s Novica shop filled with her incredible fabric creations!


Nareenat is a bag maker, creating functional and fashionable bags. She works with her husband in Thailand to being these affordable bags to life. ”I would love it if people worldwide understood and appreciated the value of handcrafted items. They might not look 100% perfect like the machine-made items, but handicrafts are more valuable as they always have a story behind them.” We couldn’t agree more Nareenat!

Check out Nareenat’s Novica shop and find yourself a beautiful new bag!

Learn more about Nina Designs Micro Loans program and see all of our other philanthropic efforts!

December 9, 2014

How-To Video :: Make a Braided Silk Wrap Bracelet

Silk cord and silk ribbon have lots of uses when it comes to making jewelry. Pair silk cord in any color you wish with silver, bronze, or gold charms for a fun, layered wrap bracelet design. Create a color palette and design that fits your style with a combination of your favorite tiny charms or dangles and silk ribbon for a personalized look!


This bracelet making technique is easy to re-create, and the layered look from the wrap-style bracelet design gives the illusion of wearing more than one bracelet, when it’s actually only one piece to easily put on and take off! Join the trend of stacking and layering bracelets with this fun tutorial and how-to video on making a braided silk wrap bracelet with tiny dangles!

Shop our wide variety of silk cord, and browse the rainbow of colors to choose from! We offer small dangles, and the other findings you’ll need to create your fun and trendy design. See the parts list for this design here.

What colors would you combine to make this look fit your personal style?

November 26, 2014

The Beauty of Batik Scarves, Jewelry & Woodwork

Looking for a beautiful keepsake to gift this holiday season? Give a gorgeous handmade scarf, jewelry box, or piece of jewelry, carefully crafted by skilled artisans. Our collection of hand-batiked jewelry and gifts are sure to be conversation starters. Unique, complex, and one of a kind designs are the result of a special technique passed down for centuries from artist to artist.

Batik is an intricate process, all done by hand, to produce these beautiful and unique patterns. Wax resist is applied in thoughtful patterns and designs to wood, fabric, etc., and then dyed. More wax is applied, and the material is dyed again, and so on. The finished result after removing the wax resist, is a bright mixture of colors, patterns, and one of a kind works of art!

The same idea is used on our gold batik pieces. Resist is added to where silversmiths want to prevent gold plating from attaching. After plating, when the protective resist is removed, the result is a sparkling, two-tone jewelry piece. A true labor of love, for many of these artists have been taught by their elders, and continue to create art with true passion.

Batik Jewelry

Browse all of our beautiful batik wearables and gifts now!

Batik Jewelry 3

November 20, 2014

Explore the Trend : Fringe Jewelry

Fringe is in! Add movement and texture to your finished jewelry designs by using leather cord, silver and bronze charms and pendants, and chain. Fringe jewelry designs are fun, flowing, and flirty! We carry all of the supplies you need to put this trendy look together. Explore and shop our collection of charms, pendants, and jewelry supplies put together for you to create fringe inspired jewelry designs. Have fun mixing and matching colors and metal finishes to fit your style. Embrace the trend with small fringe accents, or make a statement by creating large, bold, repeating patterns in your designs. Browse our gallery of fringe-themed jewelry design ideas to gain inspiration and create your own fringe jewelry looks!

Fringe Jewelry Tips : Make The Look Yours
Create Movement With Chain & Leather Fringe!
Fun & Flirty – Layered, Cascading Chain Creates Texture
Change Your Perspective – Design Vertically!
Odd Couple – Pair Delicate Chain and Chunky Components
Think Green! – Put Leather & Chain Scraps to Use

Fringe Jewelry BLOG


 Shop our specially curated collection now to find all the pieces you need to make this fun and trendy look yours!


November 13, 2014

Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry!

Are you looking for a way to show your love of the upcoming Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 1 movie with a Hunger Games inspired piece of jewelry? Look no further; we have the charms, pendants, gemstones, and leather for jewelry you’ll need to bring Hunger Games inspired jewelry to life!  Whether you are looking for arrow charms, bow and arrow charms, bird charms or stamping blanks to stamp a favorite quote on, we have you covered!

Shop our curated Hunger Games inspired collection and pick up everything you’ll need to design unforgettable jewelry!



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