April 28, 2010

Celebrate Life’s Special Moments with Silver Charms

One of my favorite aspects of creating is that when you place your hands on your silver charms, the complete project has a little bit of you in it. No two people will take the same material and create the same thing. Your life, your experiences, your desires become part of your creation. I wanted to create a wearable reflection of one of my favorite things in my life, my bike.

I ride my bike to work here at Nina designs every morning and when the weather is good I try to ride it everywhere I can. The experience always leaves me invigorated, optimistic and happy. Using our new bicycle charm, a stamping blank (with the phrase “shine on” stamped in the center), and a few small spangles, I created a charm bracelet that is distinctly me. I chose four strands of silk ribbon in some of my favorite colors; peach, raspberry, pale blue, and gray. These colors remind me of perfect summer days filled with blue skies and sweet, fruity desserts!

I can’t wait to wear my bracelet on a warm day, while I bike along the Bay towards one of my favorite picnic spots!

Me and my bike!

Shine On Bicycle!

  • Anna, I really like the bracelet and I am inspired, more than ever to replace my bike ( was stolen a year ago). Thanks for sharing your design , I am looking forward to purchasing the little bicycle charms and making one of my own. Do you any suggestions on how to layer multiple silk chords for a bracelet? I like your layering because it doesn’t look messy and it does not look predictably neat. It’s really cool!

  • Anna

    Hi Yolanda! Thanks for the comment, we all miss you here!!! I think one of reasons it looks ” perfectly imperfect” is because each little charms has it own area and stays in place. Each spangle is tied on to one strand of silk and knotted so the strands are more free. Alternately, the bike and stamping blank were strung on all four layers and then tied, so they stand out among the free floating spangles and ethereal silk. Have fun and wear a helmet!!!

  • I love that bracelet, especially the stamped charm. “Shine on” is right up my alley!! I really like the rustic look of hand stamped words and I would love to try stamping my own charms! Such a wonderful way to customize a piece of jewelry!!