July 7, 2010

Green Silver Company

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Green Silver is an elusive quest but we have come a step closer by completing our Green Certification with Alameda County! I learned a great deal during the process. One of the things I did not know about was the environmental hazard of triclosan, the most common active ingredient in hand sanitizers and antiseptic wipes. Triclosan persists in the environment (it doesn’t break down) and accumulates to higher and higher concentrations with each step up the food chain. Virtually every creature on earth has a measured amount of this pollutant in its body fat. Triclosan is suspected of disrupting hormone function in both humans and animals. The health and environmental risks are considerable.

We thought we were being diligent by wiping down phones and counters with antiseptic wipes. We also had Triclosan in our anti-bacterial hand soap and lotion. After researching the matter, I replaced our soaps and cleaning agents with Method products, which contain no triclosan, pthalates or BPA.  It really irritates me that I can’t trust the products on my grocery shelf to be safe! If you feel the same way, support the bill currently in congress that is trying to ban toxic chemicals from consumer products. Every letter makes a difference. The Environmental Defense Fund does all the leg work for you on this page called: I am not a Guinea Pig.

We are celebrating our green certification with a Facebook campaign to raise money for oil spill cleanup on the Gulf Coast. We will donate $1 to the Environmental Defense Fund for every new Facebook fan that signs up during the first 2 weeks of July, up to $1,000. Tell your friends. Together we CAN make a difference!

The oil spill crisis threatens hundreds of species. Sharing this photo of a clean, healthy pelican symbolizes our hope for a Gulf of Mexico restored to its former environmental equilibrium. The Environmental Defense Fund is committed to working on the ground with local partners and with federal officials to restore the Gulf Coast to full environmental health.

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