January 5, 2011

Online Crafty Markets to Sell your Silver Charm Jewelry Designs

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Let’s face it – we all love to shop for unique silver charms and clasps, earring findings, unusual gemstones, and all the other jewelry findings we need, need, NEED! And, as jewelry designers we cannot wait to make all the jewelry that dances through our heads. The harder part is figuring out how and where to market our wares. An entire thesis can be written on this topic and, indeed, people have. (Check out Crafting an MBA and Home Jewelry Business Success Tips). This is not my intention here. The question I’ve been thinking about lately is: What are some good alternatives to Etsy for jewelry designers?

Of course, it’s always a good idea to host your own website, but driving traffic there can be a full time job. Having a shop in a crafty marketplace in addition to your own does some of this work for you. It drives a bit of traffic to your site. But for all kinds of reasons jewelry designers may be looking for alternatives to Etsy. So I decided to do some quick research into the alternatives. The following is a short list of the sites that I found. Throughout the month, I will write a brief overview and my opinion of some of these sites in more depth.

Hmm, Where should I sell my Yoga Spirit Collection online?

For now, here’s the list of what I found this morning:
Ruby Lane
Art Fire
Bonanza (formerly 1000 Markets)
Poppy Talk
Made It
Cafe Handmade
Handmade News Blog

These last two aren’t markets so much as resources. Have fun exploring. Do you have any others you’d like to add to the list?

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