September 6, 2011

How to Photograph Jewelry like a Pro (even if you’re no good with cameras)

Jewelry photography has become a necessary skill for all jewelry designers who sell online.  And while learning anything new can be uncomfortable at first, you’ve mastered jewelry photography. And, the better your photos, the more you’ll sell – guaranteed! Follow the tips below to get started.  Remember, if you can make jewelry, you can take gorgeous photos of it too.

Lisa Michele

Tips for Photographing Jewelry:

1) Use diffused lighting. Never shoot jewelry under direct light of any kind.  We recommend taking your photos in natural, indirect light. Remember jewelry has a lot of reflective shiny surfaces that bounces light everywhere. That is why you should use diffused lighting, which you can also achieve indoors using spotlights and a light box.

2) Use the macro setting on your camera so you can shoot photos really close to the object.  Don’t panic.  If you just got your digital camera, refer to the owner’s manual and find the section on “macro setting.”  All digital cameras have this setting, and often using it just means pushing a button for the selection.

3) Use basic, neutral-colored backgrounds. You don’t want to detract from your jewelry. If you decide to use props keep them minimal!

4) Remember you want potential buyers to experience an emotional connection to your jewelry through your photography. They’re not sure why, but they have to have that necklace! It’s irrational, and it’s impulsive – and you need to take advantage of that! So remember – the point is not to document your jewelry, but to connect with your buyers. Don’t have to feel like you have to show all parts of the necklace or earrings, rather zoom in on some gorgeous detail. Try shooting your jewelry from interesting angles. And, don’t think of your jewelry as earrings or necklaces, but think of them as works of art!

5) Pay attention to details. Dust, flecks, smudges on a silver surface – all this can distract the potential buyers and snap them back to reality!

6) Be patient and kind to yourself.  I guarantee you if you don’t give up, you’ll learn to photograph jewelry like a pro!

Peace of Mind

Carol Lipworth

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