December 20, 2011

Bronze Jewelry Charms Become Family Keepsakes

Sending our Bronze Jewelry Charms out into the world to become family keepsakes is Nina Designs’ dream come true! When we’re pulling orders we often wonder what’s to become of the jewelry charms we’re sending out. And, I remember more than once wishing out loud that this or that jewelry charm would be passed down from mother to daughter as a remembrance of love and friendship. That’s why Erin Prais-Hintz of Treasures Found Blog blew my mind with her latest post.

It’s all about her Nana commissoning Erin to make charm necklaces out of her coveted charm bracelet that chronicled her life’s adventures from Mexico to Germany. Erin made one necklace of each of Nana’s girls using one of Nana’s charms and filling in with Nina Designs bronze jewelry charms. I won’t give anymore away. You really must read it for yourself. Learning about each woman, and how Nana and Erin lovingly tells the story of each through jewelry is so, so special.

Here are some of the sweet charm necklaces. To see more go to Treasures Found. To start telling your story through jewelry, shop Nina Designs.

A charming gift!

For one of Nana's girls

  • lindsay

    what a great way to commemorate the journey of an ancestor and to keep that memory alive through generations.