July 3, 2012

How to Make Summer Earrings

In these warmer-than-normal months, you may find yourself wanting to spend more times outdoors with family and friends.  In this post we offer you 3 high impact earrings that are easy-to-make & fabulous, so you can spend more time this summer  at picnics & barbeques, cocktail parties & art openings.   Make these earrings and you’re friends will think you’re a jewelry design rock star!

Double Mandala Happiness

LOOK ONE:  Double Mandala Happiness

Time It’ll Take:   5 minutes.  We love this for last minute invites!

Best for:  Picnics.  BBQs.  Weekend Getaways.

What to Do: 

1 – Get Mandala Pendants & Earring Findings in Bronze.

2 – Cut-off jump rings from Mandalas.  Slide mandalas onto hook earrings & you’re done!



Radiating Droplets

LOOK TWO:  Radiating Droplets

Time It’ll Take:  15 minutes.  If you’re a wire wrapping whiz – less than 10!

Best for:  Fiestas.  Beach Weddings.

What to Do:

1 – Get circle links, earring findings, and headpins in vermeil.  Gemstones of your choice.

2 – Thread gemstones on headpins; form loops but don’t close.  Cut off jump rings from circles.

3 – Connect 3 circle links together with 2 headpin loops with gemstones (loop has to be big enough to fit two circles).

4 – Thread top circle link and third gemstone onto hook earring




Silver Sea Anemone

LOOK THREE:  Silver Sea Anemone

Time It’ll Take:  5 minutes or less & you’ll be fabulous!

Best for:  Beach Party.  Art Openings.  Everyday.

What to Do: 

1 – Get Oval Pendants & Earring Findings in Sterling Silver.

2 – Cut-off jump rings from Pendants.  Slide pendants onto hook earrings & you’re done!

Note: One side of this pendant has a 925 stamp, so flip top to bottom to get mirror-image.


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