July 26, 2012

How to Make Men’s Jewelry that Women Want to Wear too!

We made this bracelet to offer ideas on making men’s jewelry, but got an overwhelming response from women who want to make this for themselves.  We’ve also received many phone calls asking for detailed instructions, so here they are ladies!  It is so much easier to make than you think.  Just 5 easy steps:

What You’ll Need:

Time It’ll Take:  15 minutes or less.

Five Steps to Make:

  1. Cut leather into two equal length pieces.  Connect to Infinity Link with a Lark’s Head knot.

2.  Trim tail ends at an angle so it looks like a pointed arrow when the two strands lay side by side.  The pointed end will nestle behind the lark’s head knot when glued down.

3.  Thread leather through one end of the clasp.  There will be 2 strands of leather going through the loop of the clasp.


4.  Using your finger, spread the glue on the suede side of leather up to the clasp.  Then fold the leather over loops of the clasp up to the infinity link.

5.  Apply even, gentle pressure for about a minute to secure.  Repeat  steps 2 – 4 to complete other side of bracelet.

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