August 6, 2012

Nina Designs “Pin it to Win it” Launches on Pinterest

Fellow Pinners listen up!

We are giving you the chance to win a $100 Nina Designs Gift Certificate by simply pinning jewelry charms from Nina Designs.  You know how long it takes to click the “pin it” button?  Try a fraction of a fraction of a second.  Multiply that by two and you have the makings of the most simple contest entry on the face of the planet.


To enter:

1 – Follow NinaDesignsPin on Pinterest.

2 – Pin any charms from Nina Designs.  Use hashtag #ninacharms in each of your pin descriptions.

3 – The more you pin, the more chances you have to win!

Our “Pin It to Win It” Contest will run from August 6 until August 20. On August 21, we’ll be announcing the winner via our Pinterest Profile and on Facebook.

Pretty simple, huh? Be sure to follow us and like us so that you’ll know if you’ve won!

Happy pinning and good luck!

  • Nina M.

    Thank you !! I just found you’ re site yesterday and have been obessed with i! Such beautiful talent and items ! My Aunt and I just started making jewelery it is so fun love i! I will gladly pin away for such an awesome opportunity !! Thanks again ! NINA M.:)

  • ninadesigns

     We’re so happy you discovered us!  And how awesome that you and your aunt are into jewelry making together.  We wish you the happiest of journeys into a new adventure.  And happy pinning!

  • Aedeen

    WOW!!! I LOVE all the jewelry products at Nina designs. They are beautifully designed with accuracy and creative flair! I have a passion for volunteering and love teaching jewelry classes to homeless women (and children) at a local shelter. The women always look forward to making jewelry and are soooooo proud of their achievements. I would LOVE to win some funding so I can make some inspirational jewelry with these women to give them HOPE and make them feel beautiful when they wear their own creations. Thank you for creating these  amazing charms. Namaste! Love, Peace, Joy, Aedeen 

  • ninadesigns

    Hi Aedeen – We’re so HAPPY you found us!  What a wonderful way to help uplift the women and children in your community.  We have several promotions going on right now – this Pin it to Win it contest, a Facebook Sweepstakes (prize: lots of feather charms & pendants in silver & gold vermeil, bronze), and we also have monthly design challenges (where you submit jewelry & the ones with the most votes win)!  And many of these are ongoing promotions.  Good luck!

  • Renee

    I am a newborn when it comes to this “Pin It” thing. What exactly does “Use hashtag #ninacharms” in the pin descriptions mean. what I have been doing is going to the item itself and clicking on Pin It. It goes to my board and each item does show is this what you mean? Thanks for any help you can give this old lady.

  • Angela

    Renee, when you click on Pin It, you’ll be shown a photo of the item and a box underneath, where you write a description. You need to made sure the words #ninacharms are included in the description. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Angela

    I think the search facility on Pinterest is playing up at the moment. I mentioned this competition to a friend so she searched for details. Apparently none of my pins are showing up when she searched for #ninacharms. I hope this isn’t the case as I spent hours pinning charms. lol

  • ninadesigns

    Hi Angela – First, thanks for helping Renee with the hashtags. And
    second, we also noticed that the hashtag doesn’t show a complete list of
    all pins with #ninacharms. Our theory is that Pinterest is still
    ironing out the kinks. So what we are doing to select a winner is going
    through our list of followers, getting a complete list of all those who
    pinned, how many times, and selecting a winner that way. It was a lot more work, but fair.

    I believe you are shedevil50337. And, if that’s right – you are the winner! You pinned thousands of Nina Designs charms, whereas
    most pinned 5 – 20. That gave you really good odds! So congrats and
    thanks for your hard work and spreading the word about Nina Designs. To
    claim your prize, please email, and I’ll set up
    a credit so you can begin shopping!

  • greenorohouston

    I have read this blog its realy good . Our theory is that Pinterest is still
    ironing out the kinks. So what we are doing to select a winner is going
    through our list of followers,