August 9, 2012

3 Easy to Make Summer Earrings

Super long earrings embody the carefree spirit of summer.  Shoulder dusters make a statement in summer time hair – like short cropped hair, or long hair in a top bun, or those sumptuous, lazy braids that are so popular these days.  Whatever hair-do your sporting these days, make sure to show off these summer beauties.

These earrings are all SUPER EASY to make.  With basic wire wrapping skills & open jump rings, you can make any of these earrings in 15 minutes or less.  In fact, the only pair you’ll need to do any wire wrapping to make are the ones in the center.  And, even then – only in three places.

That’s the beauty of Nina Designs jewelry components – they make you & your jewelry look top notch with little effort.

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