August 26, 2012

925 Stamp vs ND Stamp on Jewelry Charms

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Designing jewelry charms in bronze comes with it’s challenges. Some we were able to foresee, others we’re discovering as we go. Initial questions included: Where will we source the bronze? Can we cast with it, and fabricate with it? Should we plate it? If yes, should we put an anti-tarnish on the silver plated bronze? And, on & on.

You can find the answers to these questions and more on our website in the Bronze FAQs.   One big thing we were able to foresee is the potential for mix up between the same styles in sterling silver and silver plated bronze, and gold vermeil and gold plated bronze.  Because many of these styles in different finishes look identical, we worried over the the potential for inventory mix ups, for us and for you!

That’s why we decided to mark all bronze, silver plated bronze, and gold plated bronze styles with a tiny ND stamp.  And, most of our sterling silver & gold vermeil is marked with a 925 stamp (some are transitioning to getting the stamps).








While some customers would appreciate this effort, we knew some customers might not like the stamp.  We do take great pains to place the ND mark in as unobtrusive spot as possible.  So, while you might not see it, it is there.  If you ever mix up your stock, take comfort that you have a full proof way to sort them out.

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