September 4, 2012

How to Design Jewelry While You Sleep

Here’s the problem: Creativity comes when it wants to come.  Not when you need it to come.  It sets its own schedule and sparks when you least expect it.  So wouldn’t it be nice if you could just go to bed & dream up fabulous jewelry to make the next day?

Here’s what’s awesome: you’re probably already doing this without even realizing it.  You just need a little push to really turn it on.  Here’s how it works:

Love Jewelry = Obsessed with Jewelry Design = Dream about Jewelry = Keep Journal of Dream Jewelry = Fab Jewelry Designs

I know it sounds far-fatched but this is a dream that can come true with practice.  The critical part of this equation is keeping the journal so you can capture your priceless ideas as soon as they flash.  Don’t think you’ll remember them later.  You won’t.  Creative ideas surface from your subconscious in those in between  moments – of just waking, or just falling asleep, or while you’re spacing out doing the dishes.   It’s almost always when you least expect it.  So treasure them by GETTING A JOURNAL today & start cataloging your ideas.  And, once you have one new idea it can morph into many similar ideas based on a theme/technique/part, whatever.

This is how I know it works: The other night, a little past midnight, as I fell asleep a brilliant flash came to me: oxidize flower charms & pair with black garnets.  Make sure every component is pitch black.  I instantly recorded it in my journal and the next evening I blackened the silver mum pendant & my necklace turned out just as I wanted – dark, haunting and beautiful.


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