September 15, 2012

Gold Plate vs Gold Filled Jewelry – What’s the difference?

Figuring out the difference between gold fill and gold plate can be a little tricky, because there are some misconceptions floating around & because there are different kinds of gold plate products.  Most people wonder which one is higher quality.

Gold Plate, Sterling Silver, and Gold Fill

Here’s the definitive answer that you can quote us on:

Gold Filled Findings have a core of base metal (typically brass) that’s covered in a layer of 14 karat gold. The gold is “filled” with a base metal.

Industry Standard Gold Plate is typically a base metal core (brass, copper, nickel) that has a thin wash of solid karat gold. This type of plating has a layer of gold that is typically 7 micro inches thick.  We do not sell this low quality plating.

Nina Designs Gold Plate Sterling Silver is sterling silver plated with a thick layer of 98.5% pure gold (24 karat).  Our gold plate charms and findings have a layer of gold that is 40 micro inches thick and is considered a gem quality plate.  They’re of the highest quality and are far above the industry standard.

For this reason, we offer much more gold plated jewelry parts than gold fill.   While we do sell a selection of Gold Filled chain and jewelry findings, we prefer to carry gold plated charms and findings because there is a lot more precious metal in our gold plate than there is in gold filled items.

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