September 15, 2012

Silver Charms: High Tech vs. Low Tech

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Ancient Trade Secret: Berries!

While preserving ancient silver smithing skills, ourĀ  Balinese staff continue to introduce new technologies and processes to improve quality control. Steam cleaning and ultra sonic cleaning are two steps that were not available to earlier generations of smiths. It is thought provoking to see laser welders in the same facility as homemade metal tools and piles of berries used as paste to hold granulation in place while soldering. Though jarring to me, this juxtaposition is natural in Bali where the culture accepts dual realities and focuses on finding balance amid contrasting forces. In a similar vein, computer terminals hum away next to altars with intricate handmade offerings of palm leaves and flowers. Next time you order silver charms, take a moment to marvel at the unique blend of ancient and modern wisdom used to create


Tools on the Wall in Bali

Laser Welding

Handmade Tools

Steam Cleaning