September 26, 2012

Women Behind your Silver Charms

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Ni Kadek Juliani Making Bubble Links

Meet the women behind your Silver Charms! While you may be familiar with the friendly women in our Berkeley office, you may not realize how many women are involved in creating the Silver Charms and Silver Pendants in our line. Decades ago when we built our production facility in Bali we were committed to creating equal opportunities for women, a novel concept at the time. Walking around today, it is wonderful to see women in all positions from silversmiths to managers. Watching them create intricate works of art one tiny ball of granulation at a time is always a revelation. It takes years of practice to know just how long to heat silver to bond the solder without melting the design. Likewise, only a well trained eye can form little wires into minute Hamsa fingers in uniform sizes. While equal opportunity sounds like a no-brainer, it has not always been easy to create such a progressive environment in more traditional cultures. Nevertheless, through perseverance, we have created an environment where everyone is valued, appreciated and promoted according to talent and hard work rather than by gender. We would like to give a shout out to all of these amazing women. They have earned our appreciation and profound respect.

Our Thai Production Manager & Nee, a Master Wax Carver.

Celebrating with our women managers in Bali

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