October 13, 2012

Jewelry Making Supplies Handmade

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Nina with Jero Puspawati & Gusti Made Suci

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Ever wonder how your Handmade Jewelry Making Supplies are created?  It is a meticulous process with many steps.  From raw silver the silversmiths fashion wire, granulation and plate. All the parts are assembled piece by piece, then sanded, cleaned and polished.  The Balinese have been crafting metal into beautiful ornaments for centuries and they apply their collective expertise to every piece of silver they produce.   Explore our Library to find more informative article about Balinese metal smith traditions, like History of Metalsmithing and What is a Bali Bead?

Many of the smiths, like Jero Puspawati and Gusti Made Suci, grew up in silver smith villages where they learned the craft by watching their parents and relatives at work.  These smiths hope that people in America understand how hard they work to coax the silver into beautiful shapes and patterns.  Get to know more of the silver smiths in the article, Meet the Smiths.  If you have a moment, please watch a detailed video about the Bali Silver production process.

Earring Hooks In Process

Creating Uniform Rings

Making Silver Plate

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