October 18, 2012

Can you spot the difference in these jewelry links?

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Here at Nina Designs every shipment of jewelry supplies we receive goes through strict quality control to spot small variations in the designs we make.  Some variations are acceptable.  For instance, the Bali styles are all hand made and forged with fire and primitive tools, so we allow for a tiny variation in size.  But we are sticklers for other types of “defects.”

For instance, here is a new design we came up with that’s made in Bali – the double infinity link.  It is very much in demand.  But despite its popularity we still had to reject quite a bit of our first shipment of this new jewelry link.  Can you see why?  Can you spot the tiny defects?  The one shown in the middle is our “perfect” sample.  The two on the ends were rejected.


  • Kashmira

    The first one has “gunk” in the bottom where the wires meet, the last one, the wires don’t meet exactly in the right place, they are a bit off

  • ninadesigns

    That’s exactly right Kashmira. I can tell you must pay attention in all your design work as well!

  • Kashmira

    Yup! That I do!