January 24, 2013

Quick and Easy Earrings :: Embellished Hoops

Looking for a new way to use jewelry components? Take plain hoops to a new level by embellishing with charm insets! Classic hoop earrings with insets will really stand out and are beautiful when viewed from the side.

Marigold Medallion Earrings

 To make the above Marigold Medallion Earrings:

Start by sliding the 2 jump rings attached to the gold vermeil petal charm onto the silver hoop earrings. Then start wire wrapping your gemstone bead, but be sure to slip the wire wrapped loop around both the earring and the lowest petal before closing the loop. This will hold it all in place and serve as the weighted bottom for the petal charm. Repeat for the other pair and you have a stunning new set of earrings!

Worker Bee Earrings

To make a pair of Worker Bee Earrings:

Simply wire wrap the openwork bee and honeycomb charms to the hammer finish gold hoop. This design positions the bee on the top of the hoop and the honeycomb wrapped from underneath.  Add earring findings and you’ve got a pair of earrings as sweet as honey!

Shop for parts to make Marigold Medallion Earrings and Worker Bee Earrings with Nina Designs today!


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