January 28, 2013

Jewelry to Trees:: 9,638 Trees Planted

Nina Designs contributed $1,000 in 2012 to Trees for the Future because of you, the customer! For every order placed, we plant a tree to help the environment and to offset the carbon emissions tied to business operations.  Nina Designs customers who have placed orders planted 9,638 trees in Haiti, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Kenyan women planting seeds for germination.

For rural farm families suffering from poverty, the gift of trees is a gift of life.  Some species of trees provide food for human consumptions, while others feed livestock. If the trees are harvested in a sustainable way, they will continue to provide for communities in generations to come.

Trees provide materials for cooking, heating, building houses, fences and tool handles.  They offset carbon emissions, reduce pollution, and prevent erosion. Trees are an important part of shade farming, allowing farmers to produce food requiring shade in areas where natural forest has been destroyed. Cows who have shady resting spots even produce more milk!

On behalf of the recipients of these trees and Trees for the Future, Nina Designs would like to thank you for making this a possibility.

Read more about Nina Designs fair trade and philanthropy.

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