June 23, 2013

Inspiration Series :: One Piece : Three Designs

At Nina Designs, we aim to inspire our customers with our beautiful handmade jewelry findings. When it comes to designing and creating handmade jewelry with unique components, perspective is everything.

Some findings can be used in a wide variety of ways depending on your skill level. Let’s explore new ways to use our incredible new creston festoons.

ONe Piece Three Designs BLOG

-Advanced design using crescent festoons (top left) :: Marcy created The Slice of Lime necklace the traditional way; start with beautiful gemstone beads, gemstone teardrops and focal pieces. This design is not as complicated as it looks, it’s all about the brainstorming and planning. Try layering the same piece in different sizes to pump up the drama and create depth. To finish off your design with leather, cut a tiny hole near the end of the leather and push it through. Fold the extra tail of the leather over and glue it down to secure the beaded wire in place on each side. See the complete parts list for this beautiful design here.

-Intermediate design using crescent festoons (top right) :: We love the dreamy geometry of Leah’s Moon Echo earrings. To make these earrings, you will need jump rings to link the crescents together. Starting from the biggest component, be sure to link the jump ring to the next crescent’s rings from behind the crescent. Connect to the earring finding with two more jump rings on each side. Try different earring components, embellish with gemstones or let the crescent festoons speak for themselves. Find the complete parts list for these playful earrings here.

-Simple design using crescent festoons (bottom left) :: Marcy’s Silver Waves necklace is the perfect design for those looking to explore layering jewelry components and playing with patterns. To make this simple beauty,  layer crescent festoons onto a finished chain. It’s that easy! You can play with different sizes and quantities to make similar designs.  See the complete parts list for the simple stunner here.

There you have it! One beautiful, versatile jewelry component used in a variety of ways for any skill level.  Stay tuned for more inspirational, experimental ways to use Nina Designs jewelry components!

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