July 29, 2013

Designers to Know :: July Blog Partners

Looking for new blogs to follow? Need a little boost to your finished jewelry inspiration? Check out our incredible talented blog partners for July!

Faye Chan’s blog, WearableArt Celtique,  is a colorful feast for the eyes. Faye blogs from her home of Melbourne Australia. Her blog is a great resource for finished jewelry inspiration. Faye’s jewelry is beaded gothic with a contemporary twist. Stop by her blog today and browse all of her lovely and unique designs.

Art in Beads, Threads and More…is a lovely blog run by Motidana, a woman designing with beads in southern India. Motidana’s blog is a mix of all things creative! She draws inspiration from her Indian culture and heritage as well as other jewelers and crafters. Motidana’s blog is a great resource for those looking to add new and interesting techniques to their designs. Her projects are heavily focused on seed beading, embroidery with flashes from other craft mediums. Follow her on Pinterest and be sure to stop by her blog today.

Our third blog partner for July is Julie Loebbaka from Bead Mystic. Julie beautifully mixes and matches gemstones with jewelry components creating effortlessly chic pieces.

Julie’s own words on what drives her designs: “I am inspired by extraordinary modern designers such as Miguel Ases, Temple St. Clair and the fabulous beadwork artists Sabine Lippert, Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.  Other influences come from many different time periods all over the world.”

Shop Julie’s beautiful creations here.  Make sure to stop by Bead Mystic’s blog for  beautiful photos of her ongoing projects and notes from her life.

Blog Partner July-August 2013-BLOG

Top row: Bead Mystic. Middle row: Wearable Art Celtique and Bead Mystic. Bottom Row: Bead Mystic on the left and right, Art in Beads, Threads and more… middle photo.

Interested in becoming a Nina Designs blog partner? Read up on our program here and be sure to email DeAnna@NinaDesigns.com. Happy beading!

  • motidana

    Lovely article ! It`s thrilling to see my creation on your blog . Thank you DeAnna for your encouragement and guidance for patiently replying to all my mails .

    And of course A big THANK YOU to Nina Designs for selecting me as one of the blog partners for this month and the lovely box of goodies !
    Looking forward to meeting lots of creative bloggers


  • ninadesigns

    Hi Motidana,

    It was a pleasure to see the lovely designs you made using Nina Designs components.
    Thanks again for participating! Cheers!

  • The bracelet is awesome!