January 19, 2014

Social Media Strategies for Jewelry :: Pinterest :: Step 5 of 8

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest was launched in 2010.  Only three years old, it already has over 47 million users. 80% of pinners are women.  According to the websites Pinterest Insider and Wishpond, Pinterest referred website visitors spend 70% more money than visitors referred from other sites and people are almost twice as willing to engage with brands on Pinterest than on Facebook.

I highly recommend setting up a business page on Pinterest. Even if you use your personal page for your business as well, you should convert to a business account so that you can have analytics, which are only available on business accounts.  Once you have a business account you can start setting up boards. Each board will have its own Theme and Title. There is a tradition of playfulness on Pinterest so feel free to be creative with your titles.

n.d. pinterest

As you can see from our site, we have many different boards, some practical, like “Newest of the New”, some whimsical, like “Afraid of the Dark”.

Here are a few guidelines to follow as you get started:

  • Try to pin something every day.
  • Avoid huge “dumps” where you pin a large number of items at once.
  • Spend 80% of your time creating original content not surfing and re-pinning! This is a very different approach than how most people use Pinterest personally. Remember, your goal is to drive people to your website by clicking through your posts so you don’t want too many distractions.

Pinterest is visual Nirvana, so it is perfect for art. Studies have shown it is very effective for driving business leads to websites.  Pinterest users are mostly women hanging out looking at yummy food, cloths and jewelry. Who could ask for more? It is creative and fun so why wait?

Write about and share trends, tips and more through other social media outlets. Meet me at Step 6: Blogging + for more tips and tools!

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