February 19, 2014

Launch Your Jewelry Business :: Celebrate! :: Step 9 of 10

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Celebrate Your Mistakes!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Celebrate them!

The only way to avoid mistakes is to DO NOTHING. Mistakes are our best teachers, especially expensive mistakes. Our deepest knowledge is laid on the bedrock of terrible mistakes that we never want to repeat. Entrepreneurs are very hard on themselves but beating yourself up is a waste of time. Analyze your mistakes for lessons learned and then MOVE ON.

At our weekly company meeting we have a section called, “Mistakes we can all learn from” where we share our most recent mistakes with one another. (I stole this idea from Gail Goodman, President of Constant Contact who shared it at a conference). Sharing helps us avoid repeating the same mistakes twice and makes us feel better when we do make mistakes because we regularly hear about other people we respect doing the same.

Every successful business owner makes a million mistakes. To succeed, you have to make more good calls than bad calls, ON AVERAGE. No one bats 100.

step 9

Celebrate Your Achievements!

Set mile markers and CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS as well. We tend to rush from one goal to the next without giving ourselves credit for what we just accomplished. Savor the moment before diving into the next challenge.

Now that you are committed to celebrating your jewelry business journey, meet me at our final installment, Step 10: Delegate.