February 21, 2017

Good Luck Symbols from Around the World

Who say’s it has to be Saint Patrick’s Day for Good Luck? 

Offer your customers a wide variety of Good Luck Charms all year round! From Clovers to Ladybugs, from Pigs to Dolphins, you are sure to find something to please everyone. So let’s explore some of the hidden meanings of these international Good Luck Charms… 

Elephants– The Elephants are a symbol of health, longevity, love, wealth, and virtue. In some cultures Elephant figurines are placed on shelves and by doorways to ensure longevity and luck. The Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayakais a Hindu God of Luck. With his multiple arms and elephant head, he is is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the keeper of intellect and wisdom.

Four Leaf Clovers – The four leaf clover is an ancient Irish symbol of Luck. The Celtics believed that the clover would help them see fairies and avoid fairy tricks. There are many varieties of Clovers but the true lucky ones come from a white clover plant. The four leaves stand for faith, hope, love & luck. 

Pigs – Both Chinese and European cultures believe that Pig Charms have the power to bring good luck. Pigs are a symbol of wealth, good fortune, and prosperity! 

Horseshoes – Horseshoes symbolize good luck, power over evil, good fortune and fertility. The horseshoe is often associated with the horse’s strength and dependability. Many people believe it is best to hang a horseshoe with the open end facing upward – so your good luck won’t fall out!

Ladybugs – Ladybugs are a popular insect worldwide. In Germany ladybugs are literally called lucky bugs “Glueckskaefer”. Some cultures believe that if a ladybug lands on you and you don’t brush it off you will be lucky. And some ladybugs are luckier than others! You will be extra lucky if you spot a deep red ladybug with lots of spots. 

Shooting Star – A falling or Shooting Star grants the person lucky enough to see it a secret wish! A shooting star means that you have a chance to make all of your dreams come true. 

Dolphins – Dolphins are considered lucky in the Ancient Culture of Greece, Egypt & Rome. Ancient Sailors at sea found the sighting of a Dolphin to be a sign that land was near. This lucky charm would be perfect to keep someone safe who loves the sea.  

Keys – A key is one of the most important symbols of luck and one of the oldest charms. A key that is given between lovers in considered a symbol of unlocking the door to the heart. The giver of the key will be “lucky in love”. The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed keys represented the “Key of Life” which held the power to unlock the doors to send prayers to reach the gods. 

These are just a few examples of some of the many animals, plants and objects that people carry to bring them protection, success, health and of course…GOOD LUCK!


What about you? ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY?

 What do you carry around for Good Luck? 

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  • debranussbaumcohen

    How about hamsas? They are symbols of good fortune (well, at least keeping away bad luck a.k.a. the evil eye) in many North African and Mediterranean cultures, both Muslim and Jewish. They are a favorite symbol of mine to use in necklaces and I love your modern take on it in some of your charms.

  • Andrea Palmer Quitno

    I carry around crystals/stones for luck!

  • Arlene Wimpari

    I carry around an Indian medicine bag. My jewelry I wear has 4 leaf clovers, Hamsas, Chinese lucky frog, elephant and gemstones like turquoise.

  • Stephanie Smith

    My lucky charm is a number 7 🙂

  • lou

    I have a special key that is my lucky KEY!!!!!!

  • Susan Spiers

    I picked up a shopping cart token for my key chain on my visit to Brighton, England in 2011! It goes with me everywhere! My lucky charm ever since! Thank you, Susan

  • Liss

    Over the years I’ve carried different things around for luck — various rocks (usually ones I found that had a pleasing shape or feel to them), a key I wore on a chain for a few years as a teen. Currently it’s a small angel carved out of agate.

  • Alice Ryan

    I still carry a penny in my shoe & have since grade school. My lucky number is 13 but I haven’t found a good way to carry that.

  • TheEclecticElement

    I definitely believe in lucky talismans! I have a few crystals I like carrying around with me (loose and in jewelry), a pendant that was gifted to me by a friend back in high school, lucky pennies, etc. Just makes me feel good having each of these with me!

  • Kathy Lindemer

    I love finding out what different symbols mean in different cultures. I already incorporated a few of your lucky charms into my jewelry that I carry in my online shop. I would love to add to my collection. Your products are wonderful.

  • soshiny

    I also have a Native American Medicine Bag that is with me. In it are some crystals I found, corn, sage and a few stones. I will be adding a Ladybug to it very soon. Thank you for your amazing products!

  • Marlene Strait

    I have a necklace that I made that has a special meaning for me. To long of a story to tell but it is my good luck piece.

  • Kishan Patel

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  • Janice

    I carry around some coins I’ve collected from my travels and I rub them sometimes for luck.

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