May 20, 2015

Teamwork at Nina Designs!

When the office gets busy at Nina Designs, like with customers purchasing Mother’s Day jewelry, or holiday jewelry, we as a staff are reminded of how great we work together as a team, and how important each team member is! At our staff meetings, we like to recognize each other on things we’ve accomplished, and people who have embodied our core values. This week, one of our fun-loving staff members, Nicky, composed a fun poem to recognize the Nina designs staff and their hard work during the busy Mother’s Day season.

“Here is a story about a team,
They eat organic and like being green.
They inspire others with their Creativity,
And will sometimes do fun activities.
Teamwork is what it’s all about,
We like ice cream and getting orders out!
We’re Excellent and our customers know it,
DJ Frogz (a small office mascot) dances for us to show it.
We take Initiative everyday,
Because we mean business and we don’t play.
They know what it means to me.
It’s nice to see your faces everyday
I’m sure you already know this is Nicky, Hooray!!”
We sure appreciate Nicky’s creativity in reminding us how great it is to work at Nina Designs! We also appreciate all of our awesome customers, and it is always a pleasure to send you beautiful jewelry, inspire others, and encourage creativity!
Does the company you work for embody any core values? What does your business or office do for fun?
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