July 8, 2013

Home Studio Organization Tips On A Budget

Is your home bead studio a complete mess? Is your jewelry inventory so unorganized you get discouraged to even sit down and design? It’s ok to admit it! It’s safe to say, many of us have been there.

If you are like me, going out and buying expensive plastic jewelry organizers is not appealing. There is a certain charm to taking time and making your work station as functionable and creative as you are! It’s time to pull out the yellow pages and find all the thrift, consignment and second hand shops around town.

Marcy's Studio BLOG

Above is Marcy’s spacious and organized home jewelry studio. Wood drawers and vintage glass dishes create the perfect home for Marcy’s extensive and eclectic bead inventory. 

-For beads and gemstones still on strands: hang strung jewels from a cork board using heavy duty thumb tacks to keep them secure. Or, mount hooks on the wall close to where you bead! Keep what you need within an arms reach!

-For loose beads:

-Collect or gather mini glass jars with lids to keep beads organized by shape, style or color. You can find these jars at many second hand stores or save old spice jars!

-While you are at the thrift store, look for spinning spice racks with jars. These racks are great for portable bead storage.

-Dig through the garage for old tool bins, tool or tackle boxes. These are also easy to find second hand. Not only are these boxes interesting to look at, you don’t need to spend much money to pick up a couple!

-Muffin tins or any small baking tin work great for large component or chunky beads.

-Vintage glass serving dishes are also a great way to showcase your current favorite beads.

-If you can find them, vintage type case drawers are perfect for keeping beads organized. (They look just like the photos above of Marcy’s studio.)

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get your bead stash organized? With a little planning and some time at the second hand shops, you can make your dream work station!

June 20, 2013

Home Jewelry Display Tips :: Part 1

The staff in our Berkeley California office are no strangers to organization. From organizing an office full of jewelry inventory of over 5,000 styles to keeping a personal inventory tidy, the Nina Designs ladies have some tips to keep your jewelry organized and aesthetically pleasing.

staff home jewelry displays blog

Above left- Nina’s home necklace and earring display. Top right-Marcy’s stunning bracelet trees. Middle left and bottom-Veronica’s cheerful jewelry organization. 

Here are a few tips for unique jewelry displays at home ::

-Shop inexpensive! Look at second hand stores for small, open pieces of furniture or picture frames that could be jewelry displays with some quick adjustments.

-Adding hooks, drawer pulls or knobs onto repurposed spice racks, picture frames, window frames, cork boards make easy and eco friendly necklace and earring displays. Add netting or screen onto frames to hang earrings.

-Ceramic bowls, wicker baskets and even old planters make great places to store your bracelets, rings and hair pieces.

-Get crafty! Start gathering possible displays pieces and keep in mind that you can always paint, distress or stain wood.

-Think outside the box! Not everything has to match or even be the same color. Stencils and spray paints are inexpensive and come in such wide varieties you can really let your style show.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos and tips from the Nina Designs staff members…

Have you made your own displays? If so, share your photos with us; we’d love to see what our crafty readers have come up with!

November 8, 2011

Easy Jewelry Display

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When I first started selling my handmade jewelry, I needed a jewelry display that was easy to assemble and could work in a variety of settings. Many of my events were at-home trunk shows, or in a group show setting, so I needed the jewelry display to be portable and versatile. I had a bunch of black velvet boards, but found them to be too dark and overpowering for most of my jewelry.

Easy Jewelry Display

The solution I came up with was to cover the velvet boards in a variety of cream fabric, and then add a ribbon to the top. I selected an appealing combination of green ribbons in a variety of textures. The ribbons can be used to hang the boards from a wall or a tall folding screen if wall space was unavailable. I’ve often just set the boards on a tabletop and leaned them up against a wall with the ribbons tucked behind.

The fabric and ribbons are literally taped to the back of the velvet boards (I love duct tape)! I use straight sewing pins to attach the jewelry to the front of the boards. For storage, I slip each board into a large ziplock plastic bag, with all the jewelry attached. The ziplock keeps the silver from tarnishing.

So there you have it – an attractive and easy way to display jewelry. How do you display your jewelry?

June 8, 2011

How to Build a Jewelry Display for Earrings

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I’m always searching for new ways to create jewelry displays. I had an “Aha!” moment recently when I came across an old unused picture frame in my closet. As you can see, this frame has deep sides that perfectly allow for dowels to be inset to make an easy, polished looking jewelry display for earrings, and even necklaces.

I bought some ¼” wooden dowels at my local craft store that I could fit hook earrings onto and cut them into sections as long as my picture frame was wide. Next, I played with the spacing of the dowels to make sure I could accommodate both long and short pairs of earrings, and marked off where I wanted the dowels positioned. Using a power drill, I was able to quickly drill holes into the frame, which I then threaded my dowel sections into. Threading the dowels into the holes will provide some strength to the dowels, so they can bear the weight of all your fabulous earrings. Now, you can paint or embellish your frame and dowels to make a jewelry display that reflects your style and personality.

What kind of crafty jewelry display ideas have you created?

Use old wooden frames for earring displays

Fit this technique to your style using different kinds of wood frames

March 31, 2010

Personalizing your Handmade Jewelry Display and Packaging

It pays to spend a little extra time figuring out a jewelry display and packaging system that strengthens your jewelry identity. In previous blog posts I discussed the importance of maintaining a clear vision of what makes your jewelry unique and how that vision can inform your jewelry display which in turn helps you clearly communicate your jewelry identity to your customers. The way you package your jewelry is another opportunity for you to reinforce your vision. But for many of us defining that vision seems to come more naturally than developing all the supportive packaging and displays. I find that this is an ever-evolving process. I’m constantly changing the way I do things, and finding a new way to more clearly express my point of view to customers.

Jewelry Display for Silent Auction

Jewelry Display for Silent Auction

Last week I was asked to donate to a charity in my hometown of Portland, Maine. I needed to make sure my design inspirations and identity were clearly communicated, without me actually being there. I was a little uncertain about how to do this and was worried about how to keep it looking cohesive and easy to display for the organization’s silent auction. I thought about how to keep the jewelry easy to view with out stands or props. The natural option was to simply use small jewelry boxes with my business card inside. Plants and biology inspire my jewelry, and I wanted to make sure this element was made clear to the audience. I decided to write a short bio that would tell a bit about my concept. I formatted the text to fit perfectly inside the lid of my jewelry box. Now my info is not only on display, but goes with the piece of jewelry and it’s new owner.

I think a good way to improve upon this, would be to design a business card in which the backside doubles as an earring or necklace card. The text on my card is a little distracting to the earrings, but a redesign with my info on one side and just my logo on the other side would make for a great multi-purpose card.

December 16, 2009

Designing a Cohesive Jewelry Display For Craft Fairs

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Designing your jewelry display can be very challenging. I want to share some tips that helped me come up with my recent, and most cohesive, jewelry display set up!

Jewelry Display

  • The first tip is to consider your color scheme. Don’t make it too chaotic – choose just 2 or 3 colors to make up your display. I chose a neutral gray and tan combination. I enjoyed how my oxidized jewelry was complimented by the gray fabric I used for my table covering. More importantly, I recognized how much the jewelry popped against the lighter tan color I chose for the jewelry displays.
  • I stayed away from adding additional accent colors to the display because I like a more minimal look. I also wanted the gemstones in my jewelry to pop, and have a primary presence.
  • I think it’s also wise to limit the amount of different materials you use in your display. While different textures and materials can add visual interest and depth to your display, having too many can make your table appear disjointed. Instead of introducing many different materials, focus on using one (or two) materials in a range of different sizes and shapes. This will add visual interest to your jewelry display while maintaining a consistent palette.
  • I find it helpful to keep in mind my color choices and my material choices, and make sure each individual display prop contains either the colors I am using, or the texture of material. I used light-colored, natural wood, which was the same color as some jewelry busts and earring stands I had recently purchased. Though the materials are different, the similarity in color helps keep things unified.
  • Keep in mind the colors you use in your branding. The blue business cards here pop just enough, but also fit the cool color palette I chose for my display. Make sure to include a small sign, postcards, or business cards so that people can find your jewelry elsewhere!
  • Be creative! A lot of the time you can resource things you already own to make a creative display, or find things that aren’t necessarily for displaying jewelry, and make a unique and eye-catching display for customers.

What other tips have helped you develop your jewelry display?

December 3, 2009

Jewelry display and packaging

Having just started selling jewelry at craft fairs, I spend a great deal of time thinking about jewelry display and packaging. I want to display my jewelry in a manner that is accessible to my customers and reinforces my overall aesthetic which is based on whimsical, nostalgic items. In my free time I buy antiques from thrift stores that facilitate and establish a distinct atmosphere for my customer.

In addition to having a consistent theme for your display your packaging can also further your identity and give your business a face. Take some time to fully develop your packaging. Will items come in a paper box? A velvet bag? A test tube? A tea bag? Made from recycled materials? Will it be personal, with hand written “Thank You”s? Or will it be elegant and professional? I have seen all these and many more creative ideas in stores and online.

Each material and font choice strengthens your own definitive theme and identity, and sets you apart. Packaging is an ideal and relatively inexpensive way to energize a customer base. It furthers your presence and identity with existing and potential customers. And, who doesn’t love receiving a pretty package in the mail or at a craft fair? Good luck and have fun!

Pretty Packages from Handmade Whimsy

Pretty Packages from Handmade Whimsy

More from Handmade Whimsy

More from Handmade Whimsy

September 30, 2009

Jewelry Display for Home Parties: A Novice Introduces her Jewelry Line

As an emerging jewelry designer, not quite ready for craft fairs or farmer’s markets, I decided home jewelry parties would be the easiest way to introduce my jewelry line composed of vintage findings and Nina Designs jewelry supplies. To help spread the cost and risk involved, I decided to partner with a friend who’s also a budding jewelry designer eager to introduce her work. We immediately faced two challenges. The first was to find a willing host for our home jewelry party. The second was how to easily display our jewelry in an appealing and professional way without breaking the bank.

Hosting the Party: We decided a party just before the holidays would be the perfect time. That way our host throws a cool holiday party with a unique twist! As a further incentive, we decided to offer the host 10% of our jewelry sales towards any jewelry of her choice. And, most importantly, she must be a hip fashion-conscious woman with lots of friends in San Francisco – an urban social butterfly. After some search, it was easier than we thought to find a host for our first party. We sent out free online e-vites to all of our friends. Just to make sure we had a crowd, friends and family committed to bringing at least one friend to the show.

Jewelry Display Cards

Jewelry Display Cards

(Click here to read about Yolanda’s Display Ideas) (more…)

August 26, 2009

Jewelry Display Tips, Part II

I struggled with jewelry display when I first started selling my jewelry at a local farmer’s market. I began by trying to answer the same types of questions Emily suggested we ask ourselves in last week’s blog on jewelry display.

My jewelry identity? 30-something hippy-ish, down-to-earth women who shop at farmer’s markets. My categories? I went real basic here: earrings vs. necklaces, then long earrings vs. short, etc. What makes my jewelry unique? Really, not much. It’s simple, delicate, and hand crafted with sterling silver and gemstones. It looks much like what you would see in local boutiques in the area. That’s why I felt a need to set it apart by emphasizing that it’s hand crafted by me, right here in the neighborhood.

Handmade Earring Card

Handmade Earring Card

I accomplished this by creating a “crafty” feeling in my booth. I started by making my own earring cards from card stock I tore, stamped, and pasted together. They looked great. I loved my stamp and was able to write the prices on the back of each earring card. I was really pleased with them, until the wind blew them away on my first day! I needed to come up with a solution that didn’t waste all the time and resources I already put into my earring cards.

I considered picture frames. New ones are too expensive, and older, shabbier, cooler ones would take too long to gather. Later that week, my husband was walking home from work and found an old wooden drafting table someone put on the curb with a “free” sign on it! He carried it all the way home, shored it up with a few screws, and mounted foam core board to it. Then I covered it with a rich chocolate brown fabric and green ribbons to hang my cards on. It’s just what I needed.

For me, figuring out how to display my jewelry at home or at local markets has always been a naturally evolving process where form follows function. While you definitely want your display to express your jewelry inspiration, you also want to keep practical aspects of display in mind, like weather at an outdoor market, or lights at an indoor one. My jewelry display becomes prettier, smarter, and a truer expression of my jewelry inspiration every time I sell at local farmer’s markets and craft fairs. And yours will too. So really, my best advice is to jump right in. You won’t have all the answers up front, and you’ve got to start sometime!

Drafting Table Earring Display

Drafting Table Earring Display

Earring Card Display

Earring Card Display

August 19, 2009

Jewelry Display Tips, Part I

Coming up with the perfect jewelry display can be an overwhelming task. Here are a few tips from my own experience to help you get started:

Begin with a clear vision of your jewelry identity:
Who are your customers? What is their age range? What is their style philosophy? Your jewelry display will probably be quite different if the answer was flashy earrings for 20-something fashionistas rather than customizable necklaces for moms or grandmothers.

Create categories: When I’m planning my jewelry display, I start by taking all my finished jewelry and breaking them up into groups. Displaying your jewelry in categories makes shopping easier for your customer. My categories are usually based on what the pieces were inspired by, but other good categories for jewelry display are colors (so your customer can gravitate to their favorite), style (simple or ornate), or common design elements (are you using Nina Designs’ versatile circle links or a print collection? Try grouping them together).

What makes you unique? I create jewelry that is inspired by biology. I took this unique aspect of my jewelry and began to incorporate Petri dishes and specimen tags in my photography and craft fair displays. Using a scientific element in my jewelry display helps make my vision and inspiration clear to my customers. So what makes your jewelry unique? Do you use Nina Designs’ beautiful Lotus Charms and Pendants to make yoga inspired jewelry? How will you evoke the philosophy of yoga in your jewelry display? Are the iconic symbols of the lotus flower and ohm symbol enough? Try using colors and props that set a scene, like soothing colors and natural materials like bamboo or cork, to capture the attention of your yoga-loving customers.

Stay consistent and true to your jewelry identity:
Remember that when customers are shopping online or at a craft fair, your display should compel them to stop and take a closer look. The more your overall jewelry display conveys your vision and identity (and accurately reflects your jewelry), the easier it is for a shopper to become your customer. After all, your vision and style is what bonds you and your customer.

Check back soon, as more of us will be sharing our jewelry display tips. What steps have helped you develop a strong jewelry display?

Emily's Specimen Tags

Emily's Specimen Tags

Emily's Petri Dish Displays

Emily's Petri Dish Displays

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