July 8, 2013

Home Studio Organization Tips On A Budget

Is your home bead studio a complete mess? Is your jewelry inventory so unorganized you get discouraged to even sit down and design? It’s ok to admit it! It’s safe to say, many of us have been there.

If you are like me, going out and buying expensive plastic jewelry organizers is not appealing. There is a certain charm to taking time and making your work station as functionable and creative as you are! It’s time to pull out the yellow pages and find all the thrift, consignment and second hand shops around town.

Marcy's Studio BLOG

Above is Marcy’s spacious and organized home jewelry studio. Wood drawers and vintage glass dishes create the perfect home for Marcy’s extensive and eclectic bead inventory. 

-For beads and gemstones still on strands: hang strung jewels from a cork board using heavy duty thumb tacks to keep them secure. Or, mount hooks on the wall close to where you bead! Keep what you need within an arms reach!

-For loose beads:

-Collect or gather mini glass jars with lids to keep beads organized by shape, style or color. You can find these jars at many second hand stores or save old spice jars!

-While you are at the thrift store, look for spinning spice racks with jars. These racks are great for portable bead storage.

-Dig through the garage for old tool bins, tool or tackle boxes. These are also easy to find second hand. Not only are these boxes interesting to look at, you don’t need to spend much money to pick up a couple!

-Muffin tins or any small baking tin work great for large component or chunky beads.

-Vintage glass serving dishes are also a great way to showcase your current favorite beads.

-If you can find them, vintage type case drawers are perfect for keeping beads organized. (They look just like the photos above of Marcy’s studio.)

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get your bead stash organized? With a little planning and some time at the second hand shops, you can make your dream work station!

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