August 15, 2016

Get Ready to go Back to School with School Spirit Jewelry!

Summer is wrapping up and it is time to go Back to School! But just because Summer is almost over doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. With a new school year comes a new wardrobe and school supplies! And of course, a new wardrobe must include some fabulous new Jewelry Accessories!

Back to School Blog

We’ve put together a Back to School Collection of charms, pendants and tassels for you to create with! Get into the School Spirit by sporting your school mascot, school colors, favorite club or team. Use our Jewelry Tassels as Pom Poms and shop our wide selection of Animal Charms to find your school’s mascot! Or use Stamping Blanks to stamp your school name or slogan – “Go Banana Slugs!”

Putting together a personalized necklace, charm bracelet or pair of earrings is as easy as “1, 2, 3, A, B, C!” Watch this short how-to-video on how to create quick and easy charm necklaces. Make one for yourself, your best friends and your favorite teachers. (Hint: You’ll want to get on their good side!) Mix and match pieces from our Back to School Collection to create one of a kind designs you can wear all year round! Browse our Back to School Design Ideas for some inspiration.

Done with school? That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! Go ahead and challenge yourself this year by learning new skills. We have How-to Videos for any skill level. And our Classroom is an amazing resource for step-by-step instructions for jewelry projects. We also have you covered when it comes to finished jewelry designs. Browse our Design Ideas and find a project to make your own!

January 8, 2015

Explore the Trend : Scallop and Crescent Jewelry

Give your jewelry collection curves! Scallop and crescent jewelry design is in. Sterling silver and gold vermeil links with scalloped and crescent curves are sure to add a playful and feminine touch to your designs. Make this look frilly and feminine, or modern and minimalist. We carry all of the supplies you need to put this trendy look together. Explore and shop our collection of charms, pendants, and jewelry supplies put together for you to create scallop and crescent inspired jewelry designs.

Have fun mixing and matching colors and metal finishes to fit your style. Embrace the trend by using simple crescent accents or overall shapes in your design, or, make a statement by stacking multiples together to create more curvature and fun patterns. Browse our gallery of scallop-themed jewelry design ideas to gain inspiration and create your own scallop or crescent jewelry looks!

Scallop Jewelry Tips : Make The Look Yours

Embrace Feminine Curves with Scallops & Crescents

Use Dangles & Spikes for Extra Sparkle

Stack Links Vertically & Horizontally to Create Playful Patterns

scallop trend pinterest

Shop our specially curated collection now to find all the pieces you need to make this fun and trendy look yours!

August 27, 2014

Beautiful Jewelry is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our wide variety of silver, gold, and bronze charms, links, and jewelry findings leave you with endless opportunities to create your own jewelry, personalized keepsakes, and gifts for friends and loved ones. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to pick just one favorite, or how to pull everything together for do-it-yourself jewelry, but simple, finished jewelry designs are quick and easy to assemble and complete.

Unique and elegant jewelry can be as simple as hanging a charm or jewelry link from an earring top. Adding a single wire wrapped gemstone can dress the look up with a colorful touch of sparkle. Mix and match any findings to fit your taste, and as soon as you see how quickly you can make beautiful jewelry, you will surely be hooked on making more and more! Don’t fret, if you having jewelry-block, we have tons of jewelry design ideas on our website with parts lists and tips for making the designs to get you started. We also have a classroom, and handfuls of how-to videos to teach you everything you need to know to make your own collection of jewelry!


Simple necklaces make great gifts for friends or to yourself, and personalized keepsakes can be as easy as picking your favorite charms, and sliding them onto a finished chain! Our jewelry links, some even equipped with jump rings, can quickly be turned necklace or bracelet by adding chain, silk, or leather to either end. A piece of cake! Watch this free and quick how-to video for tips on how to make quick charm necklaces to impress.

earrings bracelets

Use similar techniques for bracelets as you do for necklaces. Make multiple bracelets to create a trendy, stacked look, add color with leather cord or silk, and personalize a bracelet stack with our adorable initial charm bracelet links! Create stunning earrings too by choosing an earring top, and hanging a charm or unique jewelry link, and you’ll have a lovely pair in no time. If you want a slightly dressier feel, adding pearls or gemstones to your duo is just as quick and easy. Watch this quick how-to video on how to wire wrap a gemstone, and you’ll be on your way to embellishing all of your jewelry creations.

Here are some resources for you to get inspired, and become a jewelry guru:

Have fun, experiment with new ideas, and enjoy wearing something you made yourself. Happy jewelry making!

August 22, 2013

DIY Tidal Earrings :: Designs to Inspire

Are you ready for a DIY leather jewelry project that is flirty and easy to recreate? Make yourself a pair of handmade fringe leather earrings!  Handmade leather jewelry can be mastered by any jewelry designer, no matter their skill level.

Here are the materials you will need to recreate this beachy look: Ear wires, ruby beads (or any other sparkly bead), open work shell pendant, large and medium teardrop dangles, 3 mm leather and sterling silver wire.

DIY Tidal Earrings BLOG


Follow these five simple steps to create these fun earrings for yourself!

Step 1: 

Cut leather into 3 different lengths:

– 2 long pieces about 1.5″

-4 medium pieces about 1″

-4 short pieces about 3/4″

Step 2: Using a tack and a hammer poke holes in your leather strips on both ends about 1/8″ from the edge.

Step 3:  Wire wrap one end of your leather strips through the holes you just made (with the tack and hammer) to the open spaces on the silver shell charm with a ruby bead in between.

Step 4:  Wire wrap the other end of your leather strips through the holes to the silver pod dangles with a ruby bead in between.

Step 5: Attach the ear wires to the top of the shell charms.

And there you have it. DIY leather earrings that will bring a little bit of the beach to your everyday life!

July 22, 2013

Chain Earrings :: Designs to Inspire

Embellishing earring designs with chain, spacer beads and gemstones is not only trendy, this jewelry making technique can be customized to anyone’s style or skill level.  Select a pendant or jewelry link with an openwork design to wire wrap, or jazz it up with jump rings and chain. This technique is easy for anyone to achieve!

Earrings dripping with gemstones and chain are flirty, fun and make a real statement.  These earrings are also a great way to get experimental and comfortable working with chain in a new way.

Need a way to utilize all the scraps of chain you have? Make chain earrings! Mixing metal finishes is a hot jewelry trend and is a budget friendly way to make chain earrings.

Browse our design ideas today for even more inspiration! Are you ready to make a pair (or two) of graceful chain earrings?

Chain Earrings

April 10, 2013

Leather Bracelets :: Bohemian Stacked Bracelets

Leather bohemian stacked bracelets with jewelry charms are a fun jewelry trend and will inspire your new designs. We love using leather for jewelry at Nina Designs and regularly feature Design Ideas using our supple deer hide leather. Whether you use leather for necklaces or bracelets, allow yourself the freedom to experiment and explore.

Are you curious and want to delve into the growing market for leather jewelry? Look no further! Nina Designs has everything you need to make your own bohemian inspired bracelets. Start off with a selection of: leathersilkcharmschain and clasps.


Design Tips for creating  unique bohemian bracelets:

-Choose bright, vibrant silk or leather. Combining rich complementary colors will make your jewelry findings pop.

-Try mixing silk and leather in one design to create lush texture and visual interest.

-This is a great opportunity to experiment with new combinations of metals or finishes. Our natural bronze and gold vermeil styles look warm and rich together. Pairing black silver findings with sterling silver links is edgy yet refined. No matter how you mix your finishes, you will create a one of a kind design!

-For instructions for these and similar designs, explore our leather design ideas.

Wondering where Nina Designs deer-hide leather comes from and if it is sourced responsibly? Our deer hide lace is some of the strongest, most supple leather available. It comes from North American deer and is tanned, dyed, and cut in the USA. So supple, it hold a knot well and looks great as a wrap bracelet.

Sustainably sourced, our deer hide complies with Fish and Wildlife Service’s scheduled thinning in designated regions of overpopulation.

This product is beautiful and will take your jewelry designs to the next level!

January 24, 2013

Quick and Easy Earrings :: Embellished Hoops

Looking for a new way to use jewelry components? Take plain hoops to a new level by embellishing with charm insets! Classic hoop earrings with insets will really stand out and are beautiful when viewed from the side.

Marigold Medallion Earrings

 To make the above Marigold Medallion Earrings:

Start by sliding the 2 jump rings attached to the gold vermeil petal charm onto the silver hoop earrings. Then start wire wrapping your gemstone bead, but be sure to slip the wire wrapped loop around both the earring and the lowest petal before closing the loop. This will hold it all in place and serve as the weighted bottom for the petal charm. Repeat for the other pair and you have a stunning new set of earrings!

Worker Bee Earrings

To make a pair of Worker Bee Earrings:

Simply wire wrap the openwork bee and honeycomb charms to the hammer finish gold hoop. This design positions the bee on the top of the hoop and the honeycomb wrapped from underneath.  Add earring findings and you’ve got a pair of earrings as sweet as honey!

Shop for parts to make Marigold Medallion Earrings and Worker Bee Earrings with Nina Designs today!


December 27, 2012

Make Bracelets :: Leather Wrap Bracelet with Clover Charm

Discover how easy it is to make wrap bracelets using silver charms and leather from Nina Designs.  Choose one of our imaginative charms or jewelry links to use as the center piece, and get started.  We chose our silver clover link and a hammer finish silver button.


– 1 charm or link

– 1 button charm

            – 1  4mm crimp cover

                                      – 1 bundle of 2mm or 3mm leather cord


1. Gather your charm, the button you’ll use as a clasp, and leather

2. Measure three times the width of your wrist; cut two pieces of leather to this length. HINT: give yourself a extra inch or two to accommodate knots

3. Fold the leather in half and use a lark’s head knot to secure the leather to each side of the silver charm (or jewelry link)

4. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to determine where you want your button and knotted loop to meet

5. Create button ending first by looping one tail of the leather up and back through the button –  the way you would sew a button. Draw up the other tail to meet the other two leather lengths coming out of the button. Line up the three lengths of leather so they overlap.

6. Get all three ends of leather into the crimp cover, snug up to the button, then close the crimp cover around all three strands of the leather.   Then snip off two extra tails of leather that will stick out of the crimp cover on opposite sides.

7. Finally, make the loop for the button by tying two knots some distance from each other – enough space for the button to slide through.  HINT: make the loop small enough that button can just squeeze through; this will keep bracelet secure.  Remember that over time leather will stretch just a bit.

8. Show off your graceful new bracelet to your friends and get ready to take requests for more!

December 26, 2012

Make Necklaces :: One Silver Pendant Two Ways

When you discover a jewelry making technique you like, try using it in all kinds of ways.  We like to wrap charms and beads to versatile jewelry pendants – like this hammered crescent moon pendant.  You can use this one pendant in many directions, as you see here.
To make necklace on left, you’ll need:

1 silver moon pendant

2 silver charms

2 – 3  packs of silver beads

1 – 2 packs of circle links

1 bundle of leather

1 spool of silver wire

1 spool of Fireline thread

1 pack of beading needles

gemstones of choice – rondelles and one briolette

To make:

1 – Cut off jump ring from pendant.

2 – wire wrap your briolette; set aside.

3 – Cut-off a fairly long piece of silver wire; about 5 inches.

4 – starting at the left tip, wrap thread around the pendant.  Then thread on each component under the rim of the pendant in the order shown.  The briolette bead should be positioned at the center.

5 – Cut two pieces of leather.  One for each side of the necklace, but double the length for each side.  For instance, if you want an 18″ necklace, you would cut two pieces of leather at 18″, because you’ll double the cord on each side.  You might want to take into account the width of the silver pendant (1.5 inches).

6 – Working one side at a time, tie length of leather cord to the silver pendant with a lark’s head knot.  Then tie on a 5 inch piece of Fireline to one strand of leather.  Thread on your beading needle.  Now thread your beads in between the two cords of leather as if you were making a ladder style bracelet.  When you get to the top tie off your not.  Thread on the silver circle links to hide your work , and for a nice finishing touch.

7 – Repeat on second side.

December 4, 2012

Make Leather Bracelets for Men

Making men’s jewelry is usually a bit of a challenge when you’ve been accustomed to making jewelry for women.

We’ve written a few blog posts that offer guidelines you can follow as you sit down to make jewelry for men.

These leather bracelets demonstrate a few of those pointers, such as dark colors, very simple elements, and bigger/wider proportions.

To make: 1 – cut leather to size (leave enough length to allow for fold-over tabs to secure clasp with glue), 2 – place silver charm on the center of the length of leather, 3 – poke two holes where you’ll secure silver charm down with wire, 4 – remove jump rings from charms if any, 5 – cut 2 pcs of wire into 1.5 inch lengths & shape into a u-shaped pin, 6 – thread wire on top of silver charm and down through the holes you made  in the leather, 7 – once you draw the wire as far as it will go through the leather (not too tight), coil it into a flat spiral on the back of the leather, 8 – do this for both ends of the silver charm, 9 – cut a small piece of leather just big enough to cover up the wires on the back side of bracelet, and 10 – glue leather patch down.

To attach box clasp: 1 – cut the corners off the ends of the leather, so that they are nice curved shapes, 2 – thread the leather through the ends of the clasp, and 3 – secure with glue.

FIND PARTS LIST HERE >> Made for Men jewelry on Nina Designs

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