November 9, 2016

Top 10 Best Gifts for 2016

The holidays are fast approaching – and that can be stressful! For as much as we all look forward to spending time with our loved ones, making holiday dinners, and finding ways to fill our homes with cheer – we may also dread the challenge of finding that “perfect gift.” If you’re like me, you procrastinate until the last minute … I’m talking “power shopping” on December 24th fueled by an eggnog coffee!

Luckily, Nina Designs has put together a carefully curated Collection of Charm Necklace Gift Sets featuring our most popular charms with our new Italian Sterling Silver Chains. There are 10 different sets to choose from, each with a unique theme representing friendship, generational love and shared passions. There is truly something for everyone on your shopping list.

Sunset with words

Each set includes 2, 3 or 4 different Sterling Silver Charms with matching 18” long chains – all for one fabulous price! That’s enough gifts for everyone on your list and a little something special left over for you! And if you need a little extra “add on” to take that gift over the top, check out our matching Ready to Wear Rings and Earrings!  This is truly gift giving made easy! And with our Adjustable Rings, you don’t even have to worry about which size to buy!

The Love and Friendship Collections

These sweet Charm Necklace Sets make great Generational Gifts for Mothers, Grandmothers, and Daughters. They also make perfect Thank You Gifts for Bridesmaids or others in your Bridal Party …or just a wonderful way to celebrate your “Besties!”

love and family vote


The Nature Inspired Collections

Whether you like to ski, hike, swim, or go camping, these fun collections will help you remember the great outdoors. Keep one for yourself and give the other to your hiking buddies!

Nature vote


Our Charm Necklace Sets are the perfect solution to “easy” gift giving this Holiday Season. Simply slide the charm onto the chain and it’s ready to wear! Add a bow and your gift is ready to go! And it’s all just a mouse click away! With Nina Designs, you can power shop in your PJs!

So what are you waiting for? Get Shopping!

August 5, 2015

Explore the Trend : Ocean Jewelry

Ocean jewelry and beach jewelry are the perfect accessory for the summer season. Our specially curated collection of ocean, summer, and beach charms and findings are sure to inspire, and will make you want to take a day trip to the beach this weekend! Whimsical and playful designs are at your fingertips with our gallery of ocean jewelry inspiration. Whether you add a starfish, mermaid, or adorn with pearls, your new summer ocean jewelry will turn heads and add sunshine to your look!


Get inspired to make your own ocean jewelry this season, and make it summer year round! Explore the trend and make this look yours!

May 26, 2015

Explore the Trend : Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry for brides and her bridesmaids is the latest trend as we enter wedding season! Making bridal jewelry is the perfect way to accentuate your wedding look, or make beautiful gifts for those in your wedding party. We have everything you need to make gorgeous and unique jewelry for your wedding day! Shop our specially curated collection to find charms, pendants, and more to make jewelry for yourself, or all the special women standing by you on your special day.

bridal trend

Make jewelry to match your stunning wedding gown, create timeless jewelry for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, make a special keepsake for your flower girl, or design matching necklace and earring sets for all of your bridesmaids. Pearls are classic, will never go out of style, and they make soft, feminine, and gorgeous pieces. Create jewelry with colorful gemstones to match your wedding motif for your wedding party! We have a beautiful gallery of wedding jewelry design ideas to get you inspired!

Make this look yours by shopping our bridal collection of jewelry charms and findings, and gain inspiration by browsing design ideas. Wedding jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to ensure your big day is even more special!

March 31, 2015

Explore the Trend : Triangle Jewelry

Triangle jewelry is a popular jewelry trend that is easy to make your own! Add triangle jewelry parts made of sterling silver, gold plated silver, and natural bronze to your necklace and earring designs.

Go bold or keep it simple; the triangle jewelry trend is easy to incorporate into your existing collections. Have fun mixing and matching colors and metal finishes to fit your style. We love the combination of warm satin gold plated sterling silver with luscious sterling silver.

Shop our specially curated collection now to find all the pieces you need to make this fun and trendy look yours!


Find finished jewelry design inspiration here! Browse our designs and see ways to make the look yours!


February 19, 2015

Explore the Trend : Mixed Metal Jewelry

Mixed metal jewelry is an alluring combination of sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, black silver and bronze jewelry supplies. This jewelry trend is easy to obtain and budget friendly!

Adding a pop of gold, black or bronze to a sterling silver jewelry design will take your pieces to the next level. Mixed metal jewelry is high impact and really turns up the wow factor of any piece of jewelry.

We’ve curated a collection of products that will help you achieve a mixed metal look. Check out our collection of Mixed Metal Jewelry components!

There is also an amazing collection of Mixed Metal Finished Jewelry Designs for you to draw inspiration from! Take some time to see all the possible ways you can make this look yours!

Mixed Metal Jewelry Tips :

-Unexpected metal pairings create striking designs-
-Form patterns by alternating metals-
-Accentuate designs with notes of warm gold or earthy bronze-
-Don’t break your budget – use bronze in place of gold-
-Add edginess with black silver components-


January 8, 2015

Explore the Trend : Scallop and Crescent Jewelry

Give your jewelry collection curves! Scallop and crescent jewelry design is in. Sterling silver and gold vermeil links with scalloped and crescent curves are sure to add a playful and feminine touch to your designs. Make this look frilly and feminine, or modern and minimalist. We carry all of the supplies you need to put this trendy look together. Explore and shop our collection of charms, pendants, and jewelry supplies put together for you to create scallop and crescent inspired jewelry designs.

Have fun mixing and matching colors and metal finishes to fit your style. Embrace the trend by using simple crescent accents or overall shapes in your design, or, make a statement by stacking multiples together to create more curvature and fun patterns. Browse our gallery of scallop-themed jewelry design ideas to gain inspiration and create your own scallop or crescent jewelry looks!

Scallop Jewelry Tips : Make The Look Yours

Embrace Feminine Curves with Scallops & Crescents

Use Dangles & Spikes for Extra Sparkle

Stack Links Vertically & Horizontally to Create Playful Patterns

scallop trend pinterest

Shop our specially curated collection now to find all the pieces you need to make this fun and trendy look yours!

November 20, 2014

Explore the Trend : Fringe Jewelry

Fringe is in! Add movement and texture to your finished jewelry designs by using leather cord, silver and bronze charms and pendants, and chain. Fringe jewelry designs are fun, flowing, and flirty! We carry all of the supplies you need to put this trendy look together. Explore and shop our collection of charms, pendants, and jewelry supplies put together for you to create fringe inspired jewelry designs. Have fun mixing and matching colors and metal finishes to fit your style. Embrace the trend with small fringe accents, or make a statement by creating large, bold, repeating patterns in your designs. Browse our gallery of fringe-themed jewelry design ideas to gain inspiration and create your own fringe jewelry looks!

Fringe Jewelry Tips : Make The Look Yours
Create Movement With Chain & Leather Fringe!
Fun & Flirty – Layered, Cascading Chain Creates Texture
Change Your Perspective – Design Vertically!
Odd Couple – Pair Delicate Chain and Chunky Components
Think Green! – Put Leather & Chain Scraps to Use

Fringe Jewelry BLOG


 Shop our specially curated collection now to find all the pieces you need to make this fun and trendy look yours!


October 16, 2014

Explore the Trend : Black and Gold Jewelry

Black and gold finished jewelry is a classic style that you can easily make your own. The combination of black sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry supplies will add a sophisticated touch to your holiday look. The best part about this jewelry trend is how versatile it is! Pair black and gold jewelry with cocktail dresses or jeans and a sweater, you really can make this look your own!

We have eye catching Design Ideas to help inspire your black and gold jewelry. Go bold or keep it simple, this look is easy to personalize!

Find finished jewelry inspiration and start creating your own black and gold looks!


 Black and Gold Jewelry Tips : Male the Look Yours

Bring on the Glitz and Glamour with Mixed Metals
Build Patterns with High Contrast Components
Find Sophisticated Looks with Statement Pieces
Warm Gold and Cool Black Create Bold Designs
Elevate Any Look – Perfect for Holiday Parties


Find the Supplies You Need : Click to Shop the Specially Curated Collection!

September 18, 2014

Explore the Trend : Tassel Jewelry

Cotton and rayon tassels for jewelry have been all the rage over the last few months, and maybe you’ve wondered how you can incorporate this jewelry trend into your finished designs. Look no further! We carry cotton and rayon tassels in rich colors that you can easily add to your jewelry designs along with classic silver charms, jewelry links and gemstones.

Feel inspired by our Tassel Jewelry design ideas and be a part of the trend!

group 3 texture

Explore our specially curated collection to find all the jewelry supplies you’ll need to create Tassel jewelry.

This jewelry trend is all about color and texture. Be bold with your color choices or keep things more subdued with muted tones.


Follow these basic tips to make the look your own:

Tassel Jewelry Tips :

  • Embrace Fun Loving Boho Style
  • Add bold Pops of Color
  • Create Texture and Movement with Tassels
  • Make a Statement – Stack and Layer Tassels
  • Mix and Match Colors to Personalize


August 20, 2014

Explore the Trend :: Celestial Jewelry

Channel the heavens by bringing the Celestial Jewelry trend to life in your own finished jewelry designs. Mixing supple leather, star charms, moon charms, birthstone charms and glittering gemstones will help you make this dreamy jewelry trend your own.

Feel inspired by our Celestial finished jewelry designs and discover the techniques that will help you be a part of the trend.



Explore our specially curated collection to find all the jewelry supplies you’ll need to create Celestial jewelry.

Follow these basic tips to make the look your own:

Celestial Jewelry Tips

  • Map the Stars with Birthstone & Constellation Charms
  • Chase Dreamy Color Palettes Through The Milky Way
  • Follow the Patterns of the Nights Sky
  • Feel the Warmth of the Sun with Gold and Gemstones
  • Shimmer like the Moonlight with Silver Lunar Accents
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