June 8, 2013

Adventures in Judging :: Bead Soup Blog Party Winners

Recently, I was asked to be on the judging committee for Bead Soup Blog Party 7. I have to say, with so many talented jewelry designers using such a beautiful variety of beading techniques and jewelry supplies, it was hard to pick winners. There were over 900 pieces submitted by over 500 hundred participants!

What is the Bead Soup Blog Party and how can you get involved? Every January a new contest kicks off. Start by signing up and filling out the Bead Soup Blog Party form. After all the entries are collected,two lucky bloggers are paired together. The two bloggers will send each other beads and findings from their personal bead stash and the fun begins! The idea is to strengthen the beading community and create beautiful one of a kind jewelry.Visit Bead Soup Blog Party to learn more and see past winners.

The mastermind behind this amazing contest is Lori Anderson. You may remember she was recently a Nina Designs Blog Partner. Lori runs several successful beading blogs, an online shop and is a published author! When Lori asked if I would be interested in judging the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party Contest, I jumped at the chance.


Above are my choices for each category. There were other winners picked by the other judges. To see the full selection of winners, browse Lori’s post here. There were too many to showcase them all!

Stop by each of the winners blogs for jewelry inspiration or for a handmade piece of jewelry for yourself!

Judges Choice (Upper left)  ::  Malin de Koning of Beading by Malin de Koning.

Best Use of Color (Upper right) :: Megan Milliken

Judges Choice (Middle left) ::  Silvia Sernicola of Pipa the Latest.

Grand Prize (Middle center) ::  Kris Lanae Binsfield of Cherish Designs.

Best use of Seed Beads (Middle right) :: Debbie Rasmussen of A little of this, a little of that.

Best Wire Work (Lower left) ::  Kristina Hahn of Peacock & Lime.

Best Use of Fiber (Lower right) ::   Agi Kiss of Moon Safari Beads.

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