May 16, 2016

Meet Our Staff – Say Hello to Rebecca!

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Who are those fabulous ladies at Nina Designs? What sparks their creativity?

Each month we would like to introduce a different member of our staff to you and let them share their artistic passion and inspiration…in their own words…

Staff Picks Rebecca Blog 1

Rebecca, Customer Service Representative

I love playing with shapes. I’m always trying to find a balance in my designs. So if I’m using say S2990, the triangle inside the circle, I will probably also try to use S2989, the circle inside the triangle, to give it a sense of balance. I’ve always enjoyed fitting shapes into patterns, whether I’m drawing, sculpting, or making jewelry. There’s always a point that I’m searching for, that says this piece is done. It has a beginning, middle, and end.

I’ve dabbled in jewelry designs for years, but it was only once I started working at Nina Designs that I began taking it seriously. It’s impossible to be surrounded by all of these great pieces and to not play with them. I usually come up with ideas when I’m pulling a customer’s order. I’ll really like a piece and I’ll be thinking about it. Maybe later in the day I’ll see another one, and I’ll just know that they belong together somehow. I’m not always right the first time, but once the idea is there, something is going to happen.

I really love sculpture. I do draw, but mostly I concentrate on making actual objects. I have worked with ceramics and other forms of mixed media sculpture, but I mostly focus on wire sculpture. I do a lot of work focusing on the female form, but also enjoy making fantastical creatures and organic forms. I’ve made a few lamps and vessels as well. I spent years making and selling wire wind chimes and plant stakes at festivals too. Over the years I’ve done quite a few commission pieces as well, although this is not my favorite. I prefer being left to my own devices. There is much less creative license when you’re making something specific for someone.

Some of my favorite Nina’s pieces are S2990, S2989, S2805, S3064, S3014, A1383, S2406, S3083, S3066, S3068.

Staff Picks Rebecca Blog 2

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