April 24, 2014

Nina Designs’ 2014 Philanthropic Cause :: Centre for Street Children

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Jewelry supplies are our main focus at Nina Designs. We design, sell and use them everyday. But there is more to our business than silver charms, pendants, clasps, beads and leather for jewelry. Nina Designs has a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the world through philanthropic work and charitable donations.

Every order our customers place for jewelry supplies helps fund ongoing philanthropy work.  Nina Designs makes donations to many reputable charities around the world, and as a new year rolls around, we have taken our focus to a new cause for 2014.

In Southern Bali, many children are often found on the streets, begging for money, or selling things like bracelets to tourists, bringing back any money they receive to their families. These street children don’t run a great chance at getting an education, and can sometimes even end up in more dangerous situations to get money they and their families desperately need.

A slum school for Street Children in Denpasar, Indonesia, was constructed by the Safe Childhoods Group to provide a safe and clean environment, where children can learn and play, rather than beg on the street. They believe in the power of education, and aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty occurring in their community. Providing education to the children who live and work here reduces the likeliness of them from also entering the sex industry.

center for street children

The Safe Childhoods Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization combating Crimes Against Children. Safe Childhoods has developed a range of projects, like the slum school for street children, designed to protect and support some of the most vulnerable, traumatized and at-risk children.


For every order you place in 2014, we will be donating money to the Safe Childhoods Foundation to help them proceed with their new project in expanding the school.┬áThe new facility will accommodate the existing children at a new premise and will provide the new school with a health and medical center, play center, work-shops for the mothers and fathers of the children in the slums and additional classes on hygiene, rights and life-skills. Our goal by the end of the year is to donate $5,000 to the cause! We strongly believe in their cause and mission, and hope you do too. Take some time to explore their slum school project, as well as others through their website. Help us help these children who can be given a chance at earning an education and escaping dangerous and unhealthy work throughout 2014 by placing orders for your favorite jewelry supplies. It’s our customers who play the largest role in us being able making a difference!

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