June 10, 2011

Making Jewelry :: How to Wear Hippie Headbands

This summer wear Hippie Headbands! At this time of year, when everyone is enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, it’s natural to let your inner flower child come out and play. As days get longer, weekends are spent outdoors with rosy cheeks and rhythmic beats, why not wear hippie headbands to match your relaxed attitude?

Inspired by the sweet smell of honeysuckle, the flower child inside me began braiding colorful leather cord into a headband perfect for today’s modern hippie. Pick up some gold peace charms and braid them into your colorful leather cord. Then take it a step further by embellishing your headband with gemstone beads. Headbands are easier to wear than you might think. The popular way to wear them these days is over your hair or bangs, not right on top of your forehead. The best part is that you can wear your headband as a necklace too. It’s the perfect accessory to strapless tops and trouser pants.

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