February 14, 2017

Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2017

Didn’t make it to New York Fashion Week? No worries, Nina Designs has all of the top fashion trends for your jewelry business. We have a wide selection of Ready to Wear and Jewelry Making Supplies designed to help you keep your “finger on the pulse” of what’s hot – whether you’re a Personal Shopper, Etsy Superstar or Brick and Mortar Maven!

1. Midi Rings

Make a BIG statement with these TEENSY rings! Designed to be worn just below the knuckle, Midi Rings are the new must have accessory for the Stacking Ring Enthusiast. The look is modern, fresh and oh so sexy! Nina Designs offers two sizes and finishes so your clients can choose the right fit and color. These are the perfect “add-on” for impulse shoppers!

2. Ear Climbers

From Geometric and Minimal to Flirty and Feminine – Our new Collection of Ear Climbers and Ear Jackets are right on trend and sure to fit anyone’s taste. Seriously, you can’t open a magazine or browse online without seeing a pair of these fun, funky and hipster style earrings! Guaranteed to be a hot seller!

3. Geometric Shapes

Still going strong!

This year it’s all about the shape – specifically, sharp angles like hexagons, chevrons and triangles. You’ll see these shapes featured in simple metal jewelry and also in gemstone cuts. Get out your protractor, Geometry Class is back in session!

4. Hearts

Many of us have a Love/Hate relationship with Heart Shaped Jewelry but the 2017 Fashion Forecast calls for nothing but LOVE baby! You’ll find this sweet statement of affection on all types of accessories. No longer relegated to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s or gifts for Sweet 16 – Heart Jewelry is perfect for all ages and any occasion. Nina Designs offers Heart shaped Rings, Earrings and Charms to create necklaces and bracelets with. Be sure to stock up!

What’s not to love?

5. Charm Necklaces

They’re baaaaack! (Did they ever really leave?) Charm Necklaces are all the rage this year and the perfect way to “express yourself.” Help your customers “Tell Their Story” to the world with this easy to personalize accessory. Each charm is as individual as you are and makes a bold statement. Offering stamping blanks that can be embellished with special dates and initials is a great “add-on” as well! Build your own by choosing from our wide selection of Finished Chain and Charms or shop our Ready to Wear Charm Necklace Collection. How charming!

January 31, 2017

New 18K Rose Gold Collection!

Nina Designs is pleased to announce our new 18K Rose Gold Plate Collection! Featuring our most popular iconic styles, each piece has a Nano-polymer coating to protect the surface and retard oxidation.

Rose Gold has long been a popular choice for Bridal and Valentine’s Day Jewelry as its soft, warm color symbolizes love. It is this rich rosy golden hue that makes Rose Gold so special and sought after. Rose gold contains as much gold as yellow gold but is slightly pinker in color. This warm pink tone is created by increasing the copper-colored alloys normally found in gold and decreasing the silver-colored alloys. Rose gold is available in both 14K and in 18K.

Our vermeil style gold plate is 40 micro inches of 98.5% pure gold plated over sterling silver with a fine layer of nickel in between. For Rose Gold, we add a thin layer of 18K Rose Gold, finished with a Nano-polymer coating to protect the surface and retard oxidation. For more information about our Gold Plating Process, visit our Gold FAQ

Shop the entire collection of Rose Gold Charms, Findings and essential Jewelry Supplies! Need more bling? Many of these styles are also available in Shiny 14K Gold Filled Plate, Satin 24K Gold Vermeil Style Plate, and Solid 14K Gold!

 More new Rose Gold styles coming soon!

So tell us, what styles would you like to see in this beautiful, warm rosy color?

Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

December 9, 2015

Jewelry Photography – Part Two: Lighting

In this second segment of our 3 Part Series on Jewelry Photography (see part one here), we will focus on the most critical part of the process, lighting your creations. Achieving success in photographing jewelry is reliant on having good, natural lighting.

Part Two of Three: Lighting Options for Jewelry Photography

It is always best to use indirect natural light when photographing your creations.  Artificial light can dull the reflective surfaces and give a yellow cast to the photo. And direct light, even if natural, is far too is harsh for jewelry with its metallic and faceted surfaces. It can create “hot spots” (areas that look bright white) and deep sharp shadows. There are many options for lighting and each has pros and cons. Choose what is right for your budget and experiment with it to get the best results. Take LOTS of photos. This is definitely a process where you have to “break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

stacking rings

Sunlight Outdoors

Shooting outside on overcast days is great but when it is full sun you need to create diffused, indirect light. Possible ways to achieve this are to place your photo surface under a tree or other large item that is creating shade, working under a large umbrella (white or cream colored would be best) or suspending a piece of white fabric such as a sheet over the area that you are working.  If you do trade shows or art fairs, you may own a pop up tent. The light shining through the top of a white tent canopy creates a giant light box! Set up your photo surface under it and you’re ready to go. You can also build your own light box that you can use indoors or outdoors which we’ll go into later.

Pros: Working outside offers natural light that is surrounding the piece creating a soft even tone when diffused, instead of the light coming from one direction or source.

Cons: Weather and time of day dependent, can be too harsh if not filtered properly, can be too uncomfortable (hot, cold, buggy, windy, etc.)

Sunlight Outdoors

Image Source

Sunlight Indoors

To harness natural sunlight as your light source while inside your home, try photographing your work right next to a window. To diffuse the direct sunlight, tape a large piece of tracing paper or white vellum over the window. It also helps to lay a large piece of opaque white paper on the table you are working on to reflect the light back up (you can also use this to set your white balance on your photo but more about that later!) You may need to use a “Fill Card” to bounce the light back on your piece to create sparkle on gemstones or reduce shadows. The fill card can be a piece of bright white cardstock or one that has a silver metallic surface such as Cresent Matboard 1020 Thin Silver Foil, available at many art supply stores.  Be sure to turn off the artificial light sources in the room.

Pros: Inexpensive, homemade solution.

Cons: Weather and time of day dependent, can be too harsh if not filtered properly, light coming from only one the side. Only works if you have a window that gets enough sunlight!

sunlight indoors

Image Source

Here is a great link that covers this process with photos: A 6 Dollar Solution to Photographing Jewelry 

Soft Box or Tight Tent

This cube shaped, white nylon light tent is widely used to produce e-commerce web images, professional catalog images and online auctions. A typical light tent or “soft box” has a front velcro door flap which has a slit in the center made for your cameras lens to shoot through in order to produce even lighting. Can be used indoors with external spot lights with daylight bulbs or outside to diffuse sunlight.

Pros: Easy to set up and transport, light weight, excellent for table top use, affordable.

Cons: Lights not included.  Enclosed space can be hard to maneuver inside to adjust products.

Soft Box

Professional Light Box

If you take lots of photos for your jewelry business you may want to invest in professional level lighting equipment. There are a wide range of options. At Nina Designs, we use a Flashpoint Light Box to photograph our products. It is very easy to assemble and the unit comes with a 70 watt flicker-free fluorescent, spiral bulb, and is rated at 5500 degrees Kelvin meaning it is “daylight balanced.” This long lasting “cool” light emits very little heat and can stay on all day long without a problem. We always use “fill cards” or “reflectors” to help bounce the light back onto the pieces.

Pros: Use any time of day, portable, allows you to create different effects by controlling shadows and highlights, height adjustable, built in light.

Cons: Can be expensive.

pro light

You need three parts to make up the light box that we have at Nina Designs. Below are the links to the equipment at www.adorama.com:

1. – Flashpoint Softbox

2. – Extension Grip Arm 

3. – Grip Head with Socket 

Homemade Light Box

Feeling ambitious? There are many ways you can create your own light box.  Most can be built for under $20.00!  Basically, you need to create a frame that has openings for filtered light to come through on the sides and top. You can use a cardboard box, a clear plastic storage tub, wood, PVC pipe…the possibilities all endless. After you build your frame you’ll need some “diffusion material” to secure over the openings such as white tissue paper, interfacing fabric, thin white poly/nylon fabric, cut up men’s white undershirt material…again, those possibilities abound! Next, secure a long piece of white poster paper from the top of the back wall as the backdrop, being sure to let it curve at the bottom as it flows out towards the opening for a nice soft backdrop. Always use “daylight/sunlight” bulbs in your light fixtures to create soft natural light.

Pros: Use any time of day, portable, allows you to create different effects by controlling shadows and highlights, inexpensive, can use indoors and outdoors.

Cons: Can’t think of any!

homemade light box

Image Source

Here’s a link to video instructions for building your own light box. Come on, get CRAFTY!

How to Build a Photo Light Box for Under $10

I hope you found these lighting tips helpful. For more information, here are the 3 videos I have personally watched and found beneficial. They are available for purchase through Interweave, and feature professional jewelry photographer Jim Lawson.

How to Photograph Your Jewelry

How to Photograph Your Jewelry – Beyond the Basics

Shoot Share and Sell – How to get the Best Jewelry Photos from your Cell Phone

Achieving great jewelry photos takes patience and practice but it is also a lot of FUN! We’d LOVE to hear about what lighting technique or equipment you like to use for photographing your creations. Please share your tips in our comments!

Coming Soon: Part Three –  Jewelry Photography Tips & Tricks

See Part One Here – The Right Camera for You 

December 2, 2015

Gift Cute & Personalized Charm Necklaces This Year!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Silver and gold charm necklaces make adorable and personalized keepsakes your loved ones and friends will wear for years to come. We offer a wide selection of charms from initial charms, to birthstone charms, and charms to fit everyone’s hobbies and interests too! Match a zodiac charm with an initial, or string on a minimal and modern dangle for a simple and sophisticated look. The possibilities are endless!

rtw necklace 2

To make these elegant and beautiful gifts, all you need is a charm, and a finished chain. Our charms come fitted with finished, soldered jump rings, so all you have to do is slide the charm on! Personalized gifts in under 5 minutes. Does it get any better? You just need a pair or pliers to build your necklace, and voila! These precious keepsakes will make a lasting impression, and make the perfect gift for anyone special this holiday season. Shop now!

necklace how to

September 22, 2015

Colorful Inspiration from the Pantone Fall Color Lineup

Pump up the color in your fall designs with inspiration from the Pantone Fall 2015 Color Palette. Natural, earthy tones are the theme for the fall season, with colors that mimic the changing seasons. Everything from clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry will be featuring this beautiful selection of colors. These rich, fall colors are just waiting for you to use in your jewelry designs.

pantone blog 2

We have a wonderfully diverse collection of colorful gemstone beads, leather cord, and even tassels that can add the perfect touch of color to your fall jewelry designs. Add a simple briolette bead to accent a pair or earrings, make earthy leather wrap bracelets, or make statement jewelry with colorful tassels. Embrace these elegant tones during this festive time of year! Which color is your favorite? We’re having a hard time picking just one!

pantone blog

August 19, 2015

Start the Year Off Right : Back to School Jewelry

Making your teacher a special and memorable keepsake to show them how much they are appreciated is sure to make this coming school year the best yet! We’ve put together a collection of charms and jewelry to pump up the school spirit and impress your favorite teachers. Pair stamping blanks with apple charms, or school mascots with school colors to create fun and unique designs for everyone in your class, club, or on your team.

school products 1

Putting together a personalized charm necklace, charm bracelet, or pair of earrings is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch a quick how-to video on how to create quick and easy charm necklaces. Mix and match pieces from our collection to create one of a kind designs you can wear all year round!download movie Into the Storm 2014

back to school (5)


June 17, 2015

Celebrate the Season : Summertime Jewelry!

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and it’s time to enjoy what the summer season has to offer! Kick off summer with simple and easy season-inspired jewelry designs. You can create fun, summer jewelry by mixing and matching charms with tassels on finished chains or charm bracelets. Tassels are trending, and we offer a cheerful collection of mini cotton tassels in an array of colors. They make the perfect pair with themed charms or pendants. All you have to do is choose a charm and corresponding tassel (you could use a gemstone bead as well!), and string them onto chain, or affix them to trendy charm bracelets.

summer tassel 2

Celebrate this fun time of year with a charming collection of pendants, tassels, and charms. We created a summer-themed collection just for you, with pendants, charms, leather, tassels, and more, to help you create fun and unique summertime looks. Check out these fun combinations below to help get you inspired:

summer tassel

Take a day to beat the heat, and make playful designs that you can wear all summer long. What is your favorite summer activity? Share in the comments below!

May 14, 2015

Shop Nina Designs in Person at JCK

Wishing you could browse and shop all of our beautiful silver charms, earring findings, gold vermeil, and clasps in person? Well this is an opportunity for you to do so! Nina Designs will be showing at the JCK Jewelry Trade Show in Las Vegas at the end of May. We will be displaying a selection of beautiful charms, pendants, and findings, and this is one of your only chances to see how beautiful our designs are in person.

The JCK show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Resort from May 29th – June 1st, 2015, and the Nina Designs booth number is B2668. Please be sure to register ahead of time, and make sure to read their specific buyer requirements. This is a wholesale only show.

JCK Tradeshow in Las Vegas (6)

We hope to see you there, and look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions about this show, you can visit our website, or you can read more on JCK’s website.

May 5, 2015

New Styles Inspire Spring Jewelry Collections!

There’s nothing like fresh inspiration to influence beautiful new jewelry designs! Our designers work hard to create one of a kind jewelry components for our customers, and we just received a large shipment from our factory of brand new styles.

Whether you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift or brand new charms to add to your existing jewelry collections, our new styles page has endless inspiration!

On our Bronze New Styles page, you can browse the heart collection we just got in stock! These charms are a rich warm color and are easy on the budget! We love matching our Natural Bronze Charms with 14K filled components. We also offer a collection of base metal findings that look divine with bronze charms.

bronze charms

Another exciting addition to our bronze collection are these amazing adjustable rings! Adjustable rings are the perfect gift, there’s no need to decide what the right size is. These adjustable rings are the same high quality designs as their sterling silver counterparts.

bronze ring

If silver is your preferred metal, we aren’t short on new sterling silver charms! Every week we add new jewelry supplies to our website to keep our customers inspired and delighted! Our most recent batch of new silver styles are whimsical, inspirational and lovely. These charms would make great gifts for anyone!

silver charms

April 21, 2015

Make Mother’s Day Special!

Even if you aren’t an expert jewelry designer, you can easily create Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to please! We offer a collection of Ready to Wear jewelry including earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. These pieces are made by our talented silversmiths out of sterling silver or 24K gold plated sterling silver. The best part is, they can be worn as is or with added embellishments! Take a look at the Ready to Wear Collection and find a piece for the Mom in your life.

We also carry a line of ethically sources Gift Items from talented artisans around the world. This specially curated collection has pieces any Mom would love! There are beautiful hand painted jewelry boxes, silk scarves, jewelry storage and display items, handmade journals and much more. Our Gift Items are not only gorgeous and high quality, but with every purchase, you are helping an independent artist. Those are gifts you can feel great giving!

HappyMother's Day

You can make your own custom gift for Mom with our new Shiny 14K Gold Plate Charm Collection! Add any of these charms to a finished chain for a sweet necklace or create simple earrings by attaching findings. Our Shiny 14K Gold Plate Collection is the same high quality gold plate that we’ve been providing our customers with for over 20 years. Spend some time browsing this collection and find a keepsake charm that’s just right for Mom.

HappyMother's Day

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