July 18, 2016

Discover the Symbolism of Spirit Animals!

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain animal? Felt a special kinship or deep connection to a wild beast, tiny insect, or cold blooded reptile? Do certain creatures seem to constantly cross your path? Maybe it’s your Spirit Animal calling out to you! A Spirit Animal or Power Animal represents the “life force” or soul of an animal, which appears to humans – through their dreams, meditations and in their waking life – in order to share their wisdom. The belief in Spirit Animals has its origins mainly in Native American Tribes, although similar spiritual practices can be found in other cultures. There are differences within each tribe or culture on how they interpret and incorporate Spirit or “Totem Animals” into their lives. In Native American cultures, The Totem Animal would generally appear as one single animal that acts as a guide and protector for humans throughout their entire life. Modern cultures often believe that you can have many Spirit Animals and they can change daily.

Spirit Animal NL 1

Nina Designs has created an inspiring line of Spirit Animal Pendants perfect for creating Talisman Jewelry that holds spiritual meaning for the wearer. We chose to feature seven of our favorite creatures: The Bear, The Cobra, The Crocodile, The Hawk or Falcon, The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Wolf. Each has special attributes that we hope will stir your creativity and connect with you personally.

Cobra Blog

The Cobra: Waiting, Pausing, Going inwards to decide.

With its ability to shed its skin, the cobra represents transformation, rebirth and new beginnings. Having this power animal in your life portents a great transition is on its way through new opportunities and growth.

Bear Blog

The Bear: Waking Up, Beginning Anew.

Symbolically, the bear holds many contradictions. Their dual nature symbolizes both the warrior and the nurturer. It can be fierce, teaching us to stand against adversity, take action and be bold. At times of hibernation it is tranquil, emphasizing a time for solitude, self-reflection, and rest.

Crocodile Blog

The Crocodile: Resting, Collecting Energy, Cooling Off.

The crocodile has inhabited the earth for millions of years and are considered to be the keepers and protectors of all knowledge and ancient wisdom. Having this power animal in your life signifies an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. Gliding along the water, they are concealed from view with just their eyes peeking above the surface, teaching us about patience, emotional depth and resourcefulness.

Elephant Blog

The Elephant: Unstoppable, Auspicious & Wise.

Revered for its power and strength, the elephant symbolizes dignity, peace, intelligence, and longevity. In the herd, the older elephants protect and care for the young, regardless of whether it is their offspring or another’s. In this way, the spirit of the elephant encourages loyalty and fidelity in our relationships with family and friends.

Hawk Blog

The Hawk or Falcon: Watchful, All-Seeing & Fate’s Messenger

 Symbolically, the falcon is the messenger of the spirit world and the “unseen”. They were believed to have resided in the Upperworld with the spirits of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. The Falcon’s ability to soar to great heights assists with gaining a new perceptive, allowing one to see and understand things clearly by providing focus and sharp vision.

Wolf Blog

The Wolf: Protector of Family & Tribe

Symbolically, the wolf encourages a deeper connection with and trust in one’s intuition. With a razor sharp intelligence and a strong desire for freedom, the wolf inspires you to live life to the fullest and pursue your dreams.

Tiger Blog

The Tiger: Sensuality, Receptivity & Lunar Forces

The tiger symbolizes courage and willpower. Having this animal in your life encourages you to harness your inner strength and trust your intuition to help you overcome challenges. The speed and agility of the tiger reminds us to tackle life’s problems quickly and passionately. Don’t hesitate… pounce! Let this tiger unleash a new power or passion within you.

Wild Unknown Blog Image 

* Nina Designs wishes to thank artist, Kim Krans

for allowing us to feature her lovely Animal Spirit Cards in our Jewelry Photos.

*You can find them along with other pieces of her amazing art at “The Wild Unknown”*




September 22, 2015

Colorful Inspiration from the Pantone Fall Color Lineup

Pump up the color in your fall designs with inspiration from the Pantone Fall 2015 Color Palette. Natural, earthy tones are the theme for the fall season, with colors that mimic the changing seasons. Everything from clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry will be featuring this beautiful selection of colors. These rich, fall colors are just waiting for you to use in your jewelry designs.

pantone blog 2

We have a wonderfully diverse collection of colorful gemstone beads, leather cord, and even tassels that can add the perfect touch of color to your fall jewelry designs. Add a simple briolette bead to accent a pair or earrings, make earthy leather wrap bracelets, or make statement jewelry with colorful tassels. Embrace these elegant tones during this festive time of year! Which color is your favorite? We’re having a hard time picking just one!

pantone blog

June 11, 2015

Movie Jewelry :: Jurassic World

Television jewelry and movie jewelry are the perfect way to celebrate a new film release or TV premiere, and express how big of a fan you and your friends are. This week marks the release for the anticipated Jurassic World, a modern day sequel to the original, Jurassic Park. A few weeks ago we received a shipment of adorable little dinosaur charms, and thought it was fitting to collect charms to match the new movie’s theme! How cute would a t-rex necklace and stegosaurus earrings be? Lucky for you, we have everything you need to make Jurassic jewelry!

dino 1

Shop our mini dinosaur themed collection, and make one of a kind pieces to celebrate the action-packed Jurassic World. You can even sport prehistoric jewelry year round to show pride for being a natural history buff. Easily string charms onto finished chains for quick and easy necklaces, or use leather to make fun and trendy leather wrap bracelets. Browse our collection now!

dino collage 2

March 11, 2015

The Walking Dead Inspired Jewelry!

Love the adventures and characters of The Walking Dead? What better way to show you’re a fan than with some fun and unique The Walking Dead jewelry designs! We have put together a specially curated collection of silver charms, bronze charms, leather cord, and even gemstones to help you bring this imaginative series to life. The comic books and the TV series are far from glamorous, but you can look stylish in these inspired designs!

Shop our collection of The Walking Dead inspired jewelry charms and jewelry supplies to help bring this look to life. Browse our gallery of design ideas to find jewelry how-to’s and parts lists for the character-inspired designs below. Channel your inner Rick, Daryl, and Michonne with post apocalyptic jewelry, perfect for not only Halloween, but year round!

walking dead collage


February 19, 2015

Explore the Trend : Mixed Metal Jewelry

Mixed metal jewelry is an alluring combination of sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, black silver and bronze jewelry supplies. This jewelry trend is easy to obtain and budget friendly!

Adding a pop of gold, black or bronze to a sterling silver jewelry design will take your pieces to the next level. Mixed metal jewelry is high impact and really turns up the wow factor of any piece of jewelry.

We’ve curated a collection of products that will help you achieve a mixed metal look. Check out our collection of Mixed Metal Jewelry components!

There is also an amazing collection of Mixed Metal Finished Jewelry Designs for you to draw inspiration from! Take some time to see all the possible ways you can make this look yours!

Mixed Metal Jewelry Tips :

-Unexpected metal pairings create striking designs-
-Form patterns by alternating metals-
-Accentuate designs with notes of warm gold or earthy bronze-
-Don’t break your budget – use bronze in place of gold-
-Add edginess with black silver components-


February 4, 2015

How to Video :: Use a Silver Wrap Crimp

When it comes to creating one of a kind jewelry designs, the devil is in the details. Silver wrap crimps are essential to many jewelry designs involving leather or silk. These simple pieces can take your designs to the next level!

PicMonkey Collage

Take a moment to watch our How-to Movie that shows you exactly how to utilize our Silver Wrap Crimp. Before you know it, you will be using silk, leather or other natural materials in your finished jewelry designs in place of chain. There are so many ways to use these straight forward crimp in your designs.

December 24, 2014

DIY Leather Tassels for Jewelry

Leather tassels are colorful and trendy way to add texture to your finished jewelry designs. Leather tassels add a bit of edge and sophistication to any design.

We have a wide selection of leather for jewelry and have used our deer hide leather in a variety of finished jewelry designs. Recently, we tried something new, leather tassels! Making these fun and funky tassels is easy with the help of our free how to video.

tassel blog

To see how to make your very own DIY leather tassels, watch our how to video below.
Shop our leather today, and browse the rainbow of colors to choose from! We offer the leather findings and components you’ll need to create tassels and all sorts of fabulous leather jewelry!Spend some time browsing our leather design ideas for more ways to incorporate leather into your designs.

Will you be adding some colorful tassels to your designs?


November 13, 2014

Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry!

Are you looking for a way to show your love of the upcoming Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 1 movie with a Hunger Games inspired piece of jewelry? Look no further; we have the charms, pendants, gemstones, and leather for jewelry you’ll need to bring Hunger Games inspired jewelry to life!  Whether you are looking for arrow charms, bow and arrow charms, bird charms or stamping blanks to stamp a favorite quote on, we have you covered!

Shop our curated Hunger Games inspired collection and pick up everything you’ll need to design unforgettable jewelry!



November 7, 2014

How-To Video :: Make A Multi-Strand Silk Bracelet

Silk cord and ribbon have numerous uses when it comes to making jewelry. Pair silk cord in any color you wish with silver or gold charms for a fun, layered bracelet design. Create a theme of your choosing with a combination of your favorite tiny charms for a personalized look!


This bracelet making technique is simple to re-create, and the layered look gives the illusion of wearing multiple bracelets, when it’s actually only one piece to easily put on and take off at once. Join the trend of stacking and layering bracelets with this fun tutorial and how-to video on making a multi-strand silk bracelet with charms!

Shop our wide variety of silk cord, and browse the rainbow of colors to choose from! We offer leather, tiny charms, and the other findings you’ll need to create your fabulous design. See the parts list for this design here.

What colors or charms will you choose to make this look yours?

September 9, 2014

Find Your Muse : Fall Colors Delight

Each time the seasons shift, the need for fresh inspiration is necessary; whether that comes from the change in outdoor scenery, or the glamorous pages of fall fashion magazines, fall is a time to feel inspired! I feel lucky to work for a jewelry supply company that carriers such a wide variety of leather for jewelry, gemstones, silk cord, tassels for jewelry and silver charms. With so  many versatile jewelry supplies at my fingertips, adding my latest inspiration into my jewelry designs is a breeze!


Top image: Gunmetal Pig Suede Leather (UL502), Cobalt 1 cm Deer Hide Leather (UL811), Wine 1 cm Deer Hide Leather (UL812). Cotton tassels in Paprika (D700), Heather Ochre (D707) and Olive (D706).
Bottom Left: Assorted Bundle of Silk Cord in Twilight (SK107).
Bottom Right:   3 mm Carnelian Faceted Gemstone Beads (K280CA), 4 mm Pyrite Faceted Gemstone Beads (K281PY) and 3 mm Blue Apatite Faceted Gemstone Beads (K284AE)

Each year Pantone releases their color choices for every season. This Fall’s color report does not disappoint. A delicate mix of pinks, yellow, cool neutrals and rich blues. These colors are easy to introduce into your fall wardrobe and jewelry.

Pantone’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, had this to say about the fall palette: “This is a season of untypical colors—more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall. There is a feminine mystique that is reflected throughout the palette, inspired by the increasing need for women everywhere to create an individual imprint.”


Feeling inspired yet?  If your fashion sense isn’t as bold as some of these colors you can always add a pop of color to your existing jewelry or clothing. Introducing silk, leather, tassels or glittery gemstones to any look is a sure way to up the wow factor.

We offer many colorful products to help you achieve as bold of a look as you want. Let the autumn sky be your road map when making color choices this fall.


Top left image: Wine 1 cm Deer Hide Leather (UL812), 4 mm Pyrite Faceted Gemstone Beads (K282PY),  3 mm Blue Apatite Faceted Gemstone Beads (K284AE), 3 mm Carnelian Faceted Gemstone Beads (K280CA), 4 mm Pyrite Faceted Gemstone Beads (K281PY),  9 mm Labradorite Faceted Gemstone Beads (K279LT) and  Cobalt 1 cm Deer Hide Leather (UL811).
Top right image: Cotton tassels in Olive (D706), Heather Teal (D704), Paprika (D700), Cobalt (D705), Heather Ochre (D707) and Heather Rose (D702). 
Bottom left image: 3 mm Deer Hide Leather in Sand (UL705), Gray (UL708), Rose (UL738) and Hot Pink (UL714). 
Bottom right image: Assorted Bundle of Silk Cord in Twilight (SK107).

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